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Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students to study and settle. Over years millions of Indians have settled in Canada. Canada is a developed country with plenty of job opportunities. Main provinces in Canada where Indians go are Ontario and British Columbia with primary cities as Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. One can study and settle in Canada for 10-12 Lakhs INR. 

Courses and Exams

Indian student go to Canada for both Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses in Business; Science and Engineering. Students need to clear class 12th (with 65% marks) for UG admission and bachelors (with 55% marks) for PG admission. English test IELTS (International English Language Testing System) needs to be given by every student looking to study in Canada. For UG one needs to score 6 in IELTS and for PG 6.5 in IELTS

Education and Living cost

Education cost for UG is around 15 lakhs INR for 3 years while for PG is around 12 lakhs INR for 2 years. Accommodation and Food is the main living cost incurred by students. All universities and colleges provide accommodation to the students. Most of the students don’t take them as they prefer to take off campus accommodation which is lesser than the price of On Campus. Many students prefer to live outside campus to share the lower cost of living with friends. There are ample options of Food for Indians and most Canadian cities have Indian restaurants and shops. Per year living cost is around 5 lakhs INR. Hence total cost for UG would be around 30 lakhs INR and PG would be around 22 lakhs INR.

 Part-time Jobs

Canada treats students as adults and provides them ample opportunities to learn and earn. Many part-time jobs are available for students within the campus and also around the campus. In Canada these part-time jobs are considered very respectful and also give a student a real life experience at work. This also enables student to earn their living cost and also understand the value of money. These jobs are like being accountants / cashier, managers at stores, sales people for different companies etc. Money is earned on hourly basis and minimum amount is pre decided. To make sure that student focus on study the government has restricted the part time job to only 20 hours per week. Typically a student can earn more than 6 lakh INR per year.

 Availability of Finances

Finances – for college admission there is a process called GIC (bank account) in which you have to keep 1 year of living cost 5 Lakh INR. Apart from this 1st Semester tuition cost – around 3-4 Lakh INR need to be transferred on confirmation of admission. Hence funds with around 10 Lakh INR. Funds can be fresh in your bank account and shouldn’t be old unlike other countries like US and UK.

Job and Post study work-permit & Permanent Residency

After completing 2 years of full time Diploma or Degree in Canada a student get up to 3 years of work permit. During this work permit the day student gains 12 month of Full Time work experience or 1560 hours of working he is eligible to apply for Permanent residency. IT is called Ontario Immigration Nominee program. It takes 3 – 9 months to have it. Detailed process as mentioned by Canadian government is present here –

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