You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself–Galilio Galilei
We bring the best out of you.

We all need mentoring and coaching for various things in life. The guidance may be needed for Job Interview, Education Interview for MBA, IAS etc, Personal issues discussion , General family or financial matters so on and so forth. The first step in right mentoring is to find right mentor. GKworks provides this service through a renowned Life coach and mentor, Vivek Gupta.

Vivek provides one 2 one mentoring for life critical things. Be it a job interview, IAS or MBA entrance interview , you can expect personalized coaching with confidentiality

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The process for Interview preparation product:

  1. Preparing the Introduction : Understanding the candidate and helping to bring out all positive qualities in 60-90 seconds
  2. Building the resume to highlight the most useful achievements
  3. Researching the potential institute/ employer to figure out key elements they are looking for
  4. Preparing the candidate through a series of practice interviews
  5. Coaching for other processes like Group Discussion, Group Exercise, Writing Ability Test, Case Study Discussion etc
  6. Any other support needed to help candidate in sailing through the selection process

The Process of Career planning/ career guidance and other products

  1. Understadning the candidate/ student/ parents/ child mind set
  2. Understanding the external factors like financing/ family constrains/ inherent skills to explain the base
  3. Matching the internal and external factors of candidate and come up with best solution
  4. Defining the execution of solution in details
  5. Executing the solution in detail to achieve the desired results

Contact at for more details or call  7836911690