Different types of colleges in Canada

Canada gives a brilliant environment to the students into the higher education. Basically , there are three types of colleges in Canada :

  • Alberta and British Columbia systems
  • Quebec’s CEGEPs
  • Others

Alberta and British Columbia systems shares a very similar pattern like the CEGEPs, and both follow two parallel patterns. One is all about the Vocational and other is about the transfer of university.

But the Alberta and British Columbia systems symbolizes the United States’ junior college system more closely than the other.

Quebec’s CEGEPs , it is typical historical college which follows the secondary and post-secondary form of education which was formulated in the 19th century. The college also follows the French Catholic tradition which is about more than hundreds of years old.

Canadian Colleges also have different academic pattern which differs place to place in Canada and has been divided into three types:

  • Polytechnics
  • CEGEPs
  • Community colleges


The Polytechnics is Canada does not have anything to do with the outside province , but it is related to those professional oriented colleges that provides professional knowledge with bachelor’s level degree . The rest 14 colleges which are outside the Quebec make use of the term like Polytechnic and are the member of the Polytechnic Canada  and all together form two third of the population of total college students in Canada.


And henceforth a very small number of colleges are left further leaving all the above ones which are situated outside the huge cities of Canada and are not much money oriented.

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