PTE reading section tips and tricks

Many students try giving PTE all by themselves and fail due to lack of proper guidance. They feel like they did their best, such students then approach us for coaching assistance at ,and then they understand that smart work is the only way to get a good score instead of going through a heap of useless material.

So today we will give you a glimpse of some tips and tricks which we find very useful to crack PTE with flying colours.
When you start with your preparation it’s important that you focus on the individual question types asked in the reading section and most important thing to remember is learning time management. Time management is very crucial, always make sure you know how much time you will devote to solve each question type.

MCQ with single answer: In this section, first step is to read the question properly and understand what it is asking of you to figure out from the passage. Look carefully for the word “NOT” in the question statement to select the appropriate options. Second step is to read the passage carefully and find out the answer for the questions and then finally read the options to match you answer with the options. Take about 2 minutes to solve this one. (2 to 3 questions asked on this type)

MCQ with multiple answers: In this section, first read and understand the question as mentioned above. Then read all the options given. You will get a idea of what to focus on when you read the passage in the next step. After going through a lot of questions, I came to a conclusion that usually in the exam if 5 or 6 options are given then there will be only 2 correct answers. Don’t be tempted to choose 3 options as there is negative marking for each incorrect option. And if 7 options are given then 3 options might be correct. It’s not a rule, just my opinion based on my experience. Again solve in 2–2.5 minutes. (2 to 3 questions)

Re-order paragraph: In this section search for heading/topic with major idea of the paragraph to be formed by re-ordering. It should be first sentence like a topic sentence, a standalone – Independent sentence that is not dependent on any other sentences given there. Check Proper Nouns-Common nouns-Pronoun-Articles Usage-Time Phrases order to re-order the sentences. Focus on pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them, these, those, etc… as these sentences will never come in first. Also look for contradict phrases like (however, but, although) and addition phrases like (Also, moreover, furthermore, besides.. etc), they could never be first and are generally related which could easily be found. Try finding sentence before it.

Fill in the Blanks type: It is the thesaurus based question, the answer would be similar meaning words but only one word matches the context of the question. So you will need to learn collocation and understand which words suits when. Read the text quickly before you start to get an overall understanding of the content and decide on the main topic or idea.
This will help you choose words with the right meaning. Note any small words like prepositions that come after the blank. These will help you rule out some options. Think about whether you need a countable or uncountable noun.
Look at what comes after the blank. Use reference words such as this, these, it, etc. to help you make the correct choice. Only one option is the correct group noun. Never leave any question unattended, and time is the hardest thing to manage in reading so always practice with a clock set for 32–41 min.

In the end it all comes down to the extra efforts you put in after the practice. Like Reading newspapers specially, the articles you are interested in. After reading a paragraph try to find out what is the main idea of the para. Try to find out good vocabulary words from the articles you read. And finally, give 4-5 practice test before you take the actual PTE test it will definitely help in building up your confidence. Best of luck for your PTE test!

Following might help you as well.