Founded in the year 1916, Perm State Medical University is one of the oldest and biggest medical universities of Russia. This public non-profit co-educational higher education institution offers medical education for over thousands of students from 21 countries, including, India, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Israel, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova and has kept the lead even after it’s 100 years of glory.

Ranking of Perm State Medical University
• Country rank is 33
• World rank is 2070
• Accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India(MCI) and UNESCO
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
• Winner of Best campus “Moscow Mayor’s Prize”
• Winner of “Best student hostel” among universities in Russia

Location of Perm State Medical University
The University is located in Perm, a city of Russia, on the banks of the Kama River.
Being the third largest city and one of the most developed in Russia, it has frequent transportation available, with all basic amenities within the reach of students.

Faculty of Perm State Medical University
The University has a faculty strength of 569 highly-qualified lecturers, candidate of medical sciences of whom are the laureates of the State Prize, Honoured Scientist of Russia, Honoured Worker of Higher School, honoured doctors of Russia, winners of the regional awards of outstanding scientists of the Perm region of Professor PA Yasnitsky, holders of diplomas Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the fellows of state scientific scholarships to outstanding scientists and talented young scientists of Russia, fellows of the Perm region, presiding over the following faculties:
• Faculty of Paediatrics
• Faculty of Dentistry
• Medical and preventive faculty
• Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Higher Nursing Education
• Faculty of Continuing Professional Education
• Faculty of Pre-University Education and Targeted Education
The University offers officially recognized higher education courses with different study options for the students, like distance education course, to pursue their course, on a range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.

Advantages of studying in Perm State Medical University
• The degree offered by the university is internationally recognized by various bodies.
• The University offers affordable yet internationally acclaimed degree at reasonable tuition fee and living costs.
• The University hosts internationally recognized personalities as faculties.
• The University has world class infrastructural standards with 27 buildings and facilities like modern computer classes, electronic reading room, and a centre of practical skills and abilities, sport and medical facilities, hostels, shops, rooms for gymnastics, handball, basketball, and football grounds, tennis courts and pools in all the buildings. The campus also hosts an international post office, a shopping centre, an international student cultural centre, a computer centre, a telephone centre, and restaurants with international cuisines.
• The University provides accommodation facilities for the students in 12 fully furnished hostels, at walkable distance from the University, with comfortable and cosy rooms with attached kitchens, and other facilities like, television and the internet access in each room, hot water, heater, AC, gym, recreation room, Wi-Fi, fridge, laundry service, dry-cleaners, beauty salons.

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