The Government of Haryana imposing the new bond policy for MBBS students?

The Haryana government has made a very clear announcement that it will consider only those candidates for the MBBS admission in academic year 2022-2023 who will pay the bond fees in time, and this was decided as per a policy declared on November 2020.

On 6th November 2020, a letter was published regarding this and it was made mandatory for the institutes to inform about this publically to all the candidates taking admission into colleges through 15% all India quota.

The bond amount of INR 10 Lakh annually , has to be signed by the MBBS students in the government medical colleges and also it is a prerequisite for getting government job.

According to the policy the government will be liable to pay the loan of INR 40 Lakh if students achieves a government job but for those students who fail to get government job what about  them, opposition asked , where are government jobs? , what about those candidates who are pass outs and have no government job?  This type of law should be only imposed to those students who have received an offer of government job and they are decline it , the fees of INR 40 Lakh should be imposed on these students.

The Chief Minister of Haryana , Manohar Lal Khattar said they are policy was proposed to encourage the students to serve in their state and province only as doctors and treat the patients of their own states.

Although the Opposition is continuously, opposing the policy , and stating that due to this policy many students are now changing their mind to pursue MBBS and become doctor and it is impossible for the students coming from meddle class or poor class to pay this much bond amount.

Also , people  of them said that many of the deserving students are from the middle or poor class and they cannot even imagine to pay such a high fees and failing to do this , their whole admission can be cancelled , this is not justice with the students and their future can also go into darker side with such policies of the government . 

The former Union Minister also had similar opinion on this policy, mentions that ,if the a students did not accept a government for seven after doing MBBS then this bond amount will be a penalty on him , this is really wrong and injustice happening with the students and government must rethink on the decision made as this decision may be disastrous for the students.

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