Several reasons for visa delay in Canada 

Many students of India dream to study abroad but have to unwillingly wait for longer delays throughout the visa process, which now has been highlighted by issues of racisms faced by people in the foreign countries . As per the reports , these delay in the whole process has been subsequently increased after Covid – 19 and people who used to wait for 60 days are now waiting for 200 days.

Reports also said, that a large number of people were rejected to go for studies in Canada in between the year 2016-2020.Many of them were highly qualified and had also got scholarships but got rejection.

People are still facing delay in the visa process and the (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada stated that these delay are happening due to the students who are already studying in Canada and are now highly qualified looking for work.

Similar kind of note was supported by the members of University Advisory Council of the Canadian Association for Global Health, that there was discrimination affecting the scholars all over the world.

Also the students from countries like Nigeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan face delay whereas students from the countries like US , Australia do not.

However, the IRCC mention employee training and other reason for racism although greater accountability is required to answers relating racism.

Canada has high job vacancies but the population of Canada is decreasing a lot so Immigration is one way to fill the job vacancies or labor required in Canada 

The government of Canada is taking initiative to reduce the delay time in visa process for India. Also mentioned that they truly understand the state of mind of the people waiting for visa their frustration and are working together to improve the speed.

The current wait time for visa for the study purposes is about 3 months all across the world. The government of Canada is although working on the delay process and looking for the ways to reduce this time.

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