1. IELTS writing section tips and tricks

In this post we will discuss about the Writing Section in IELTS and some major points or tips which will help you achieve an outstanding score. So without wasting anytime let’s begin with our first and the most important point first. If you want to score well in this section the you need to remember this mantra “Write clearly, organise your ideas and use a varied vocabulary” that is all you will need to crack this section with excellent score.

The IELTS Writing section is of 60 minutes. You need to spend 20 minutes on Task 1, and 40 minutes on Task 2. And most importantly you need to manage your own time and that needs lots of practice, so make sure you are able move on to Task 2 after 20 minutes max.

Now the question here is how to reach that level clarity and sophistication when writing any content in English. Here is a solution, first of all you have to read 50 sample essays and during this you should highlight or underline words those are commonly used and other words which are uncommon that would be our tip no.1. Understand meanings of these words. Try to understand essays and develop thoughts from them, take one of the essay from that list and write down with your thoughts related to that topic, during this process you must avoid grammatical mistakes and repeating of words, this would be our tip no.2.

Use synonyms instead using same word again and again. Avoid contradictions for grammar such as don’t, can’t etc. which can affect your score. Instead use do not, cannot and so on.

Keep writing essays as we mentioned above every day and after you are done with these fifty essay start writing other essays with much more complicated topics.

Do not stop writing till the date of your exam, and most importantly using idioms will increase your band if you are unaware of the fact what idiom is you need to work harder on your English grammar and always remember not everything can be learnt from Google Baba you need to approach the experts( https://gkworks.in/ ) for guaranteed results. Now Google baba will never suggest you tricks like 1st task has less weightage than 2nd task so 2nd task should be given more time for writing and you will be asked to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2.

If u have target of band score 6–7 try these methods as a starter for your preparation:

Note down all essential vocabularies and their meaning from Cambridge IELTS books 1 to 12 and try using those vocabularies while writing.

Download actual Blank Answer sheets which you can get on web or in Cambridge IELTS books last page. Print it and practice your writing on those papers to understand how many lines you write for each task, as per test requirements.

There are many websites available such as IELTS mentor which is also good for preparation but don’t rely completely on them for topics as any topic can come for exams.

Handwriting and indents are also important. At least 5 minutes should be given after each task for reading, to know what you have written. In the end it all comes down to practice. There is no other alternative for that. All we can do is guide to the right ways of studying for these exams rest of the hard work is your responsibility. If you have any doubts feel free to contact our experts at https://gkworks.in/ . Finally, Best of luck for your IELTS test!


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