Established in 1932, Ulyanovsk State University is a highly regarded public higher education and research institution university in Ulyanovsk. This non-profit public higher education institution, with selective admission policy has a student population of over 16000 students in six colleges offering 77 majors, of which  200 are foreign citizens from different countries worldwide, like Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

Ranking of Ulyanovsk State University
• Country rank is 40
• World rank is 2480
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
• Fully recognized by Medical Council Of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) , General Medical Council (GMC) UK, &  Listed in FAIMER list

Location of Ulyanovsk State University
Located on the Volga river, Ulyanovsk State University, in Ulyanovsk Oblast is 440 miles east of Moscow, making it well connected and accessible to transportation, with all basic amenities well within the reach.

Faculty of Ulyanovsk State University
The University has six institutes, 7 independent faculties offering 77 majors, 2 affiliates, 6 learning centres and many international study centres, with over 1254 scientific and staff members, including 138 Doctorate and 623 Candidate of Science degree holders working with this University. The Ulyanovsk State Medical University has the following faculties:
• General Medicine
• Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology
• Faculty of Physics and High Technology Engineering
• Faculty of Law
• Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies
• Faculty of Culture and Art
• Faculty of Advanced Training for Teachers
• Zavolzhsky Faculty of Economics and Humanities
• Secondary Education Colleges

The University offers officially recognized higher education courses in 77 majors, 76 post-graduate, 37 medical internship and medical residency programs, with different study options for the students to pursue their course, like, full and part-time, external, further and distance education programs on a range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.
In addition to this, the students can avail
dual degrees in Law and Business. The Ulyanovsk State University Business School also renders MBA degree with focus on international business and finance.

Advantages of studying in Ulyanovsk State University
• The University offers high quality education at world standards and other facilities made available at affordable tuition fees.
• The University has considerable international ties and other relationships with organizations like, Russia Culture Centre and Korean organizations which ensures enough opportunities for the students in areas of science, business, culture and arts.
• The University has solid international connections and collaborations and conducts academic and academic exchange programs in many German companies. It also launches and arranges international events and study abroad opportunities. This provides exposure for students.
• The University has all the standard facilities like library, housing, recreation centres and/or activities, monetary aids and/or scholarships.
• The University has a blend of tradition with ultramodern facilities, the Russian,  international education systems and provides quality training aimed at holistic development of students.
• The University has outstanding international facilities and research centres which help the students in gaining more knowledge, experience and provides exposure for students.
• The University has 18 clinical bases for providing hands-on clinical and practical training for students.
• The University offers accommodation facilities for the students in fully furnished hostels , with all standard facilities, like bedding, attached toilet/wash room, 24-hrs Electricity, 24-hrs Gas in separate self kitchen, 24-hrs Hot and Cold water supply ,centralized room heating system, Wi-Fi internet, Medical Centre, Gymnasium, Laundry, etc.

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