AUSTRALIA vs CANADA for study abroad

Education is one of the most happening sectors of society. Many countries have been able to attract students to study in their countries. Two of the most happening hubs of education are Canada and Australia. They offer various options and are among the most sought-after abroad education countries the world has seen. But the question that always pops into the heads of people is which country edges over the other? In this article let us see the pros and cons of both countries and the major thoughts that one should keep in mind before making a final decision.


Why are these countries popular?

The reasons are too many to name. Some of the main reasons as to why they are the most important education hubs are because both countries provide a wide range of courses and practice new methods of education and training. Another reason can also be the easy immigration restrictions, which has helped students to get there easily. Both are ranked as student-friendly and safe countries which is why people go for it. 


Teaching Methods 

All styles vary for different courses from time to time. Each institution follows different fundamental principles that are most prevalent in Australia. It follows the tutorial method of learning which gives step by step analysis for teaching. It will take place in the form of lectures which have to be listened to carefully in order get the steps processed. 


However, Canada approaches a friendly environment where they aim at making students independent. They follow procedures of self-learning through assessments and tests in order to progress well as students. 


Cost of Living 

Undergraduate courses in Canada cost between upto $30,000 per year and for Australia, it goes upto $33,000 per year. Room and board charges cost most likely upto $12,000 and $20,000 per year in Canada and Australia respectively. The PG sector goes upto $35,000 per year, whereas in Australia they range from $37,000 per year


Permanent Residency Comparison

Canada allows and accepts applications for Permanent post-graduation time of post-graduation work permits. In comparison to other nations, obtaining permanent residency in Canada is easy.


However, in Australia, obtaining a permanent residency card is very time consuming. The officials run through many security checks and investigations to ensure whether the person is righteous or not. It can take a very long time as it is a vigorous procedure. 


Pros of studying in Canada

Canada is undoubtedly a well-known educational destination. It has many universities which range is infrastructure and ethics. It has many students who go for it as an education hub. Student life is considered to be fun and enriching which paves way for great career opportunities in the future. There are more than 100 top-ranked colleges throughout the country which provide a diverse range of courses for both UG and PG. Canada is very welcoming in enrolling children for any language classes because of its linguistic diversity.  


Pros of studying in Australia

Australia is considered as a top education destination because it has top-rated universities and many programs and courses to offer. It is also globally acclaimed and accredited which makes it credible. Australia is also a country which is safe and free of all language barriers, which is why it is very welcoming to new comers. 


Both countries have a great throw at providing quality education. Australia stands at 4th in terms of higher education system strength, whereas Canada is ranked 5th. Any of the two would be an ideal option for a career oriented person to pursue his dreams. 


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