MBBS or undergraduate course in medicine is the most sought after course for any Indian student/ parent. The social status attached with this career makes it most prestigious in Indian society. MBBS is the only course in India where supply of seats far exceeds the demand. For all other course such as MBA, BBA, BTech, Bed direct admissions are available. There are far more seats available than demand from the students. But in MBBS, situation is reverse.

Every year , over 13 lakhs students appear for three entrance exams ( NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER) to fight for about 55,000 seats across India. Out of these 3 exams, AIIMS and JIPMER exams offer a total of 907 seats thus making NEET responsible for rest of seats. Now, if your rank is 1 -4 lakhs, you are a good student who deserve to be a MBBS doctor but there are no seats available,so what options are there for such students …

Various factors play once a student appear for NEET. There are all India quota seats and then there are domicile reservations. There are pure government colleges, deemed private universities and private colleges following different regulations.

NEET scores are given in percentile system along with absolute score out of 720. Student is given national score, national rank, national percentile, category rank, category percentile and finally state ranks and state percentile. Though it varies from state to state, broad benchmarks are

  1. Students should get over 98 percentile score for guaranteed government seat in MBBS colleges.
  2. Students should be over 90 percentile for having a chance in private colleges for their MBBS course. Also, the family should have budget in excess of 50 lakhs for most of private colleges.  Few in  Karnataka can be done in as low as 40 lakhs also where few colleges fee crosses 1 crs too for MBBS course

So if a student percentile is less than these scores, there is no chance for any Indian seat. The various alternative options then are

  1. Drop a year and prepare for next attempt
  2. Change the career to different streams within medicine or outside medicine.
  3. Explore the options of pursuing MBBS in abroad countries like Russia, Philippines, Georgia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan ( mostly Ex USSR) where you can pursue a MCI recognised, WHO approved MBBS course in total budget of 15 to 25 lakhs ( including food and stay)

For complete list of universities country wise, check brochure below

( Do check the date on file, that is the date of updation of fee. If the date is older than today, pls confirm latest fee with your branch counselor )

GKworks_MBBS_2018_Brochure_15th July’2018

Best wishes for your MBBS abroad course and MBBS career.

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