Established in 1936 , Northern State Medical University the centre of Medical education in north Russia.

This non-profit public higher education institution, has a student population of over 5500  students of which, over are foreign citizens from different countries worldwide, like India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Angola, Cameroon, Zambia, Nigeria and Peru, and is a highly regarded highly regarded public higher education and research institution university in Russia.

Ranking of Northern State Medical University
• Country rank is 133
• World rank is 4462
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
• Fully recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) (USA), and Medical Council of India (MCI)

Location of Northern State Medical University
Located in the city of Arkhangelsk, the capital of Northern Russia, a city at 1258 kilometre from Moscow, Northern State Medical University is well connected and accessible by trains, buses and minibuses, with all basic amenities well within the reach.

Faculty of Northern State Medical University
The University has 55 departments, of which 27 of them are clinical based
divided into 18 faculties, with a staff potential of the 980 researchers, teachers, academicians and professors.
The Northern State Medical University has the following faculties:
• Faculty of General Medicine
• Faculty of Paediatric
• Faculty of Nursing
• Faculty of Postgraduate Education
• Faculty of Pharmaceutical

The University offers officially recognized higher education courses with different study options for the students to pursue their course, on a range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.

Advantages of studying in Northern State Medical University
• The University offers high quality education at world standards and other facilities made available at reasonable and affordable tuition fees, without compromising the amenities and facilities.
• The University has all modern equipments and standard facilities, like computers, films and video aids, and other modern appliances, sports centres and fitness clubs, with football, ice hockey, skiing, bicycle, tennis volleyball, aerobics, martial arts and much more.
• The University has 27 clinical departments which are known to be the best clinics of the city.
• The University has outstanding international collaborations and relations and is an active member of medico-ecological program of Barents Region, bringing leading academicians
• brings on swapping of specialists with the leading educational institutions all across the globe.
• The University has outstanding international facilities and cooperation with foreign partners and takes part in conferences, which help the students in gaining more knowledge, experience and provides exposure for students.
• The University offers accommodation facilities for the students in three fully furnished dormitories, which are within the University campus, with all standard facilities, self kitchens, and Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Arabic cuisine continental food available at canteens and 24 hour security surveillance.
• The University also helps students and lecturers to nurture their talents. It has a dance group with different forms, pop dance group, a show-ballet, an amateur theatre, and a break dancing group.

Fee Structure


First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year
5,500$ 5,500$ 5,500$ 5,500$ 5,500$ 5,500$


Total Fee 33,000$


Note : Medical Insurance 120 USD per year 
The above fee structure includes Tuition Fees , Hostel Fee



The student must submit all of their original documents such as class 10th and 12th mark sheet, passport, photographs, bank statements, NEET score card to GKWorks branch office. There is also a visa interview for most of the students on discretion of embassy.

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