Date: 28th Aug 2018


At  we have so many candidates who went to Australia for different kinds of graduate, post graduate professional degrees and were successful to find a job related to that domain. It’s true that we specialize in MBBS consultancy and still we have so many who went to Australia for MS or Management studies.

Nearly half of all international students are studying Management and Commerce courses, compared to only 15 percent among all domestic students, according to the 2018 Statistics Report on TEQSA Registered Higher Education Providers.This was followed by Information and Technology, Engineering and other Related Technologies and Food, Hospitality and Personal Services. The subject that saw the highest increase in enrollment between 2013 and 2016 was Food, Hospitality and Personal Services, which saw a 60 percent increase within the span of three years.

The report also found that the most popular study locations for these students from abroad were the states of Victoria and New South Wales, which hosted the highest number of overseas students (36 percent and 30 percent respectively).

Overseas student numbers in Australia has continued to grow over time. In 2016, majority of overseas students were from China (38 percent) and India (16 percent). All countries in the top five have grown from 2015. If you ask for our expert opinion we will say Australia is a great place to get your further education right now! For more details make sure to visit