Punjab MBBS Counselling 1st Round update

Approximately 70% of BDS as well as 40% of MBBS statewide-quota spots stayed unfilled after the first phase of online counselling organised by BFUHS, Faridkot.

1,390 MBBS & BDS statewide quota spots stayed open at the province’s 10 medical plus 15 dentistry institutes, out of a sum of 2,600.

NEET UG-2021 was delayed because of the Covid epidemic, hence admittance to MBBS and BDS degrees was resumed digitally after a 9-months wait. The institution has indeed requested applicants to register their desire to engage in the 2nd phase of counselling to apply for the vacant spots, which will begin on 28 Feb.

In the region, there seem to be 1,475 MBBS places in ten medical institutions, with 700 spots in 4 governmental medical institutions. Recruitment for 105 AIQ (15%) MBBS spots in governmental medical institutions are handled by the Medical Counselling Board, while BFUHS handles the 85 percent statewide-quota spaces.

With the inauguration of the Gian Sagar Medical University as well as the state governmental-running Dr. BR Ambedkar State Institution of Medical Sciences, Mohali, following a 2-year hiatus, quite as many as 250 extra MBBS spots became ripe for the picking this year.

558 of the overall MBBS statewide quota spots are empty at 10 medical institutions throughout the state, comprising 4 govt medical institutions.

At Govt Medical University, Amritsar, 29 of 250 MBBS spots are unoccupied; at Govt Medical University, Patiala, 76 of 225 spots are unfilled; at Guru Gobind Singh Medical School, Faridkot, 31 of 125 spots are unfilled; then at Dr. BR Ambedkar State Institution of Medical Sciences, Mohali, 18 of 100 spots are blank.

Adesh Medical School in Bathinda has 104 spaces available, whereas SGRD Medical Center in Amritsar has 84 empty positions. Also there are 19 of 100 spots empty at DMC, Ludhiana; 28 of 75 spots available in CMC, Ludhiana; 55 of 150 spots unfilled in PIMS, Jalandhar; as well as 54 of 150 spots unfilled in Gian Sagar Medical Center.

Merely 398 of 1,230 BDS spots at governmental and private institutions were granted during the BFUHS’ digital counseling process, often to the chagrin of the region’s 15 dentistry colleges. According to a source, 832 BDS spots are still available.

The recruitment for 1,390 empty MBBS & BDS spots will actually occur during the phase 2 of counselling, which will actually happen around 28 Feb and 6 March 6, according to BFUHS VC Dr Raj Bahadur. “By 11 Mar,” he said, “the preliminary output is displayed.”

Seat statistics:

Aggregate state quota spots: 2,600

Empty spots: 1,390

Upcoming counselling: 28 Feb to 6 Mar

Preliminary result: 11 Mar

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