Kathmandu Medical College

Kathmandu Medical College is one of the best medical colleges in Nepal. Kathmandu Medical College was founded in 1997. Kathmandu Medical College is affiliated with Kathmandu University. Kathmandu Medical College operates from two complexes- Duwakot Basic Sciences and Sinamamgal Clinical Sciences. Kathmandu Medical College is listed in the World Health Organization’s World Directory of Medical Schools and the International Medical Education Directory. Kathmandu Medical College provides a stable environment for healthy discussions between students and teachers as well as among students of different nationalities. Kathmandu Medical College has been ranked as the 15th best college in Nepal.

MBBS at Kathmandu Medical College

The MBBS course at Kathmandu Medical is of four and a half years, followed by a compulsory internship of one year. Kathmandu Medical College is recognized by the Medical Council of India. The syllabus of Kathmandu Medical College is in line with the instructions from Nepal Medical Council and Kathmandu University.

Location of Kathmandu Medical College

Kathmandu Medical College is located in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is also the largest metropolis of Nepal. Kathmandu is at the heart of Nepal’s history, art, culture and economy. South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) also has its headquarters in Kathmandu. Kathmandu has been hailed as Asia’s top destination for tourism. The amalgamation of all above mentioned point is a testimony to the thriving growth of Nepal, which ensures a comfortable living environment for the students.

Admission process for MBBS course in Kathmandu Medical College

In order to take admission in Kathmandu Medical College:
1. The student must have cleared the NEET exam.
2. The age of the student must be 17 years at the time of filling the application form
3. The student must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th as the main subjects.
4. The student should not have less than 50% in any of the three subjects individually as well as when taken together.

Fee Structure for MBBS at Kathmandu Medical College

( Do check the date on file, that is the date of updation of fee. If the date is old than today, pls confirm latest fee with your branch counselor )

GKworks_MBBS_2018_Brochure_15th July’2018

Salient features about MBBS course at Kathmandu Medical College

1. The MBBS course is taught in English to all students at Kathmandu Medical College.
2. Kathmandu Medical College is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
3. The student need not appear for any language entrance exams (like IELTS/TOEFL/ PTE) to get admission in MBBS in Kathmandu Medical College.
4. Indian students do no need Visa to study in Kathmandu Medical College.
5. The library at Kathmandu Medical University has a good collection of textbooks, reference books and journals to guide the students. Internet, photocopy, binding, and book repairing are available to the students in the library whenever they need any of them.
6. The cost of studying at Kathmandu Medical College is a lot less than that of Indian private colleges (with almost the same facilities as those provided in good private colleges in India).
7. Kathmandu Medical College organizes student exchange programs with many countries like- Japan, USA, Sweden, Australia and USA.
8. The people of Nepal have a very friendly relationship with Indians.

We hope you have a great career following your MBBS in Nepal

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