Canada has always been and will always be the best foreign country in the eyes of us Indians. From the amiable and accepting nature of the citizens to a thriving career, Canada provides nothing less of a perfect life to its citizens as well as international citizens.

Gone are the days when students were scared of pursuing their education overseas. Nowadays, due to the decreasing cross border boundaries as well as increasing financing facilities of our flourishing economy, more and more people are migrating overseas to pursue their education.

In the eyes of Indian students, Canada has always been considered the best place for education. Hence thousands of students from India enter Canada to pursue the education of their dreams.

Durham College in Canada is among the best and most reputed universities not only in Canada but all around the globe.

Durham College was established in September 18. This college has stood the test of time and yet stands out as one of Canada’s leading colleges. In Durham College, tradition and modernity go hand in hand.


Durham College is located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Durham University has a picturesque location with acres of greenery and state of the art infrastructure. A student can avail all the amenities as when required and hence shall face no inconvenience.


There are various courses provided by Durham College few of which are mentioned below:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Animation-Digital production
  • Bio Medical engineering Technology
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Computer programmer Analyst
  • Culinary Management
  • Emergency services fundamentals etc.

Thus we see Durham College provides us various courses for many occupations.


The official website of Durham College is durhamcollege.ca


  • Students of Durham College are provided with ample job opportunities and are trained well accordingly.
  • There is also a career advice team in Durham College that makes sure all the career related doubts of the students are taken care of.
  • Durham College makes sure they take care of their student’s mental as well as physical health and provide a plethora of medical services for their students.
  • Durham College has a strong student union and has many groups so that like-minded people can work and grow together.
  • Durham College has a notable alumni.

As we can see Durham College provides ample opportunities to its students and provides quality education and a beautiful environment. Durham College assures the professional and personal growth of its students and hence guarantees a thriving and successful life.

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