Study abroad: canada vs uk, australia and other developed countries

The world’s financial condition is in upheaval, and all the nations are ramping up to draw the greatest people into their work force. 

USA has long been a preference amongst academics and technologists. But recently they have seen the progress that Canada is making due to huge influx of immigrants. North America has became the preferred a heaven for people looking for change and moving to  a different country. Canada has been attracting  wooing migrants with convenience, thanks to a thriving job market, varied paths, and low-cost education.

Last year Canada did set a record 405,000 new immigrants which was highest in its history. And out of those 100,000 were Indians.

Following the epidemic, things are changing. “Canada is now experiencing tough competition from nations such as the United Kingdom and Australia, particularly in terms of post-graduate employment possibilities. Attractive job prospects, as well as a more direct path to residency, are attracting an increasing number of individuals to these nations, he says.

North America has one of the simplest entry paths for learners, thanks to the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program. On top of that the new policy created for the time being allows recent overseas students to prolong their stay in Canada. This provision has been created for students in order to obtain job experience and improve their chances of qualifying for PR.

However, as the globe slowly rises from the covid -19 an increasing number of nations are seeking immigrants to fill positions in respective sectors, start new businesses, and finally stay in their country.

Australia and the UK back in the Immigration game:

In 2021, the United Kingdom implemented a post-study pathway similar to Canada. This pathway allows qualifying individuals to remain in the country for up to three years after completing their education in the UK. UK is planning to  is also s to introduce a new High Potential Individual (HPI) visa. The new visa option will be geared at luring highly educated university graduates, who will work and remain in the country and support their economy 2-3 years depending on their.

Australia who is next in the competition now provides a flexible work visa for recent graduates.  Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are becoming a heaven for undergraduate students. These students can now work for two years. Apart for them Masters students can work for three years and PhD students for 4 years. O ther locations, such as Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra, for example, can prolong their work-study visa for up to two years, depending on their location and degree of study.

Middle East to become other Immigrant Heaven:

The rising popularity of the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab 

Emirates, has been an unexpected development in the study abroad category. Various British and American institutions have choosen Dubai to be their abode where they can attract bright students from these parts of the globe. Making their campus right here in Dubai with same quality of education has helped students get their degrees for a fraction of the price they would pay on campus in the United Kingdom or the United States. These institutions are particularly very popular amongst people  who want to get international exposure but cannot afford the hefty prices of Europe and America. On top of that the lower taxes after you start working are a cherry on top.

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