MBBS CoursesValidity  in China?


The National Medical Commission (NMC), keeping in mind various details had issued the latest notice about MBBS admissions in China. According to the mandate, the NMC stated that some universities in China have commenced the admission procedures for the new academic year in China. The same was recognized by the Ministry of external affairs in India and was announced by the NMC secretary, Dr. Sandhya Bhullar.


It had also advised people to keep in mind all needs that one should be aware of about the Covid-19 aftermath. Owing to the travel restrictions imposed by China, the notice had advised people to be aware and safe at all times. The restrictions have also left many international students from various countries stranded as they were not able to return to regular classes in China. The Chinese officials also stated that courses will be held online for such students but the NMC disagreed as it doesn’t recognize courses done through the online medium. 


The secretary also stated that all students should be precautious and was advised to keep in mind the regulations put forth by the FMGE before seeking admissions into foreign institutions. It also brought to notice how students should comply with the ethical code to pursue medicine keeping in mind all the consequences and compliance of foreign law. 

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