Difference between Canada Visitor Visa and Tourist Visa

If you also face confusion about the difference between Visitor visa and Tourist visa then you are at the right place to clarify your confusion. To start with Temporary Resident Visa issues by the Canadian Visa office which is given to an applicant’s passport to clarify that he/she has passed all the criteria required to get admission or a temporary residence.

Canada Visitor Visa is given to the individual who wants to visit Canada for meeting family, this visa comes under the Temporary Visa. Whereas, the Tourist Visa who also fall under the Temporary Visa but it is issued to those who visit Canada for travel purposes.

Here are 3 differences between the Canada Visitor Visa and Tourist Visa:


  1. Nature of Entry:

The nature of entry is one of the key differences when it comes to Canada Visitor Visa and Tourist Visa. While, the Visitor visa offers numerous passages with the passport validity with a period of a 6-months when you visit for a reason like seeing family, but, on account of a traveler visa, the nature of entry is a single entry where the applicant is permitted visa for the time on which he/she is going to visit Canada. The reason for the visit decides the nature of entry.


  1. Guarantor

The second place of distinction between the two visas is the requirement for a guarantor. On account of Canada Visitors visa, one of the necessities to avail visitor visa is a letter of greeting. For example, if your relative is living in Canada and you need to visit him/her on visitor visa then you should have a letter of invitation from the Canadian host. Though, on account of a Tourist visa, there is no necessity of a guarantor as the idea of the visit is as a traveler so the candidate needs to look after the expenses.


  1. Time-Period

The last point of distinction between the two visa classifications is the time-period that both the visa classes offer to the applicant. The term of your visit depends on the visa official, where in the event that you are visiting on Canada visitor visa is permitted to visit Canada for a limit of a 6-months on a single entry in Canada. Likewise, on account of a Tourist visa, the entry is for the time-period for which the traveler is in Canada however can be extended in some cases as well.


Presently, to apply for any of the two visas, there are some requirements that you should meet which makes you qualified for the temporary resident visa.

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