MBA in Canada Full guide

 People who want to go aboard for higher studies have to look and gather a lot of information to properly enroll in the universities, their criteria’s, eligibility, education standards, scholarship, fee structure etc. It is always a challenge to go out your country and study aboard but at last it is worth every money.

Canada is a beautiful place filled with places to visit, being the second largest country in the world it comes with a lot to offer. With many public parks, lakes, mountains, and different sights Canada also has some of the best universities available for the student all over the world. Student who wishes to study in Canada also wish to settle their, a lot of things attract students in Canada it maybe the climate, views, environment, people etc. Everyone has a right to study their and feel like home.

Advantages of studying MBA in Canada

When you are a student who study in Canada you get a lot of benefits like having travel subsidies due to the university’s international student identification card. In addition, the student friendly environment of Canadian urban cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Calgary makes studying MBA in Canada more interesting and give a feeling of rich experience. Here are some other benefits in studying in Canada-

  1. Quality:

Universities offer a wide range of subject for the course which will give proper exposure of international business to the students with other opportunities.

  1. Affordable:

Compare to USA, Australia and UK , Canada is very much affordable for the students in terms of fees as well as the course structure. This has made Canada most popular places for a good studying experience.

  1. Worldwide Ranking:

Rankings and accreditations like the Times Higher Education, QS Research, and Academic Rankings of World Universities, have positioned Canada as one of the top nations for global schooling. The greater part of the best foundations for considering MBA in Canada are positioned very high in these arrangements of global rankings

Eligibility for MBA In canada:

Canada may be affordable but students require certain specific capabilities to get admission there, the university offers some of the best quality postgraduation programs to the students.

Here are some of the key points you need to take care of to be eligible for admission-

  1. Bachelor Degree:

It is the basic requirement for any student to have a bachelors degree. As the education standards are high in Canada it is important that the degree you have is of a well-known institution.


  1. Work Experience:

Most universities give preference to the students who have work experience but it is not a compulsory clause for admission.


  1. English Proficiency

Getting passing marks in English language capability tests like the TOEFL, the PTE, or the IELTS, is a necessary step for students to get enrolment.

  1. GMAT Score

Universities of the top business colleges in Canada expect candidates to have a decent GMAT score to have the option to be qualitied for admission.

Fees Structure for MBA in Canada

The most important information is to know the minimum to maximum expense of a student to study in Canada. For most MBA courses the fee ranges from 32,000 USD to 90,000 USD, which equates to 24,00,000 to 65,00,000 INR for Indian students. Apart from it there are many universities that ranges from 5,000 to 13,000 USD as well (i.e., 3 to 10 Lakhs INR). Plus, other expenses such as TOEFL expenses, IELTS charges, Visa application expenses, and health care coverage, which can be 160-250, 185-190, 178, 10,000 USD individually.

Scholarship benefits:

Student tend to acquire scholarship in the universities due to the high fee structure of the Canada Business school. There are many scholarship programs available for students to ease pressure among student. Canada. The scholarship programs that are available for pursuing MBA in Canada range from 1,500 to 10,000 USD and this makes an interpretation of to 1 Lakh to 7 Lakhs INR for Indian students.

Future after MBA in Canada

There are many future opportunities if you study in Canada but the best one is that the international students who will study full course will get a three-year work permit in Canada. It has a huge business sector and can offer many kinds of job opportunities, which are-

  1. Small Businesses

Canada has countless Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) searching for capable MBA graduates to help deal with their organizations. Indian and global understudies have a wide extent of work in this area.

  1. Finance and Consulting


Financial helping firms and counselling organizations are the top selection firms for students who want to build a career in this field. This is one of the reasons why student opt for MBA in finance as their courses.


  1. Technology sector

The on-going sector also offers many job opportunities for the international students studying in Canada.

Application Process for studying MBA in Canada:

To apply for a MBA in Canada, understudies need a specific arrangement of reports. These include:

  • Academic Records

It is important for student to carry their Academic transcript which is all the education records till graduation level.

  • Standard Eligibility Test Results

Test such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE, along with the optional GMAT is important for students to prepare and score good marks.

  • Bank Statements

To get a clear-cut idea of the students’ financial situations of their parents or guardian.

  • Work Experience

Certificates and letters are requiring by universities as it is a preference of many institutions.

  • Statement of Purpose
    This is a kind of essay asked by the university to help them evaluate the students.
  • Visa Documents

To wrap things up, all the documents related to student visa are necessary to apply for a university.

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