India population is now crossing 135 Crs where more than 65% people ( around 85 Crs) are less than 35 years of age. The average age in India is 30 years. Though developed economies see this as demographic advantage, In India it is becoming disaster. With so many young people, government is struggling to create white collar jobs for all. This leads to high competition for few coveted jobs in most of industries.








GKWORKS under the direct guidance of founder Mr Vivek Gupta has launched a personalized job search and career change services. The services are available for freshers to professionals with even 15 years of experience. The various services include

  1. Resume preparation matching the job and company requirement
  2. Guidance for the best use of job sites  and LinkedIn
  3. LinkedIn profile preparation
  4. Supporting in finding jobs in chosen organisations ( To be discussed personally)

Our success rate so far has been over 90% where clients are able to secure jobs in top organisations. For more details, contact us @9643362320

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