Introducing oneself is the most crucial aspect of any conversation- be it a party or an interview. It is that lasting impression that other people have of you. If you make a great introduction people will always remember you and associate you with it and if you don’t then, well, you will just be one among many- lost in oblivion. At GKWorks, our highly qualified and experienced founders help the students prepare for all such kinds of questions asked in an interview- IIMs, IAS, Bank PO,SSC and for a job as well.

In an interview, an individual might be asked to introduce themselves or simply be asked, “Tell us something about you”. As harmless as this question sounds, it has a huge role to play in steering the interview in the direction a student might be more comfortable in answering.  The thought process needs to be not just about one’s academics but also about the hobbies and achievements that one has had throughout their life, the experiences that have shaped you as a person. But, here comes the caveat! Thee student must do this in at most minutes. Anything more than that is too long.

At this point I would like to give an example of one should and should not say in this interview. Okay, consider this, if one student says that his father is an engineer and another student says that her father is an army officer. Now, two people of same caliber talking about the same thing, but an engineer being a more common job with all sorts of people working in it does not offer anything to the interviewees, but an army kid gives a different impression altogether- since army-kid generates an image of discipline and punctuality. It is not necessary that the impression will be positive, it may very well go the other way but, it gives the people in the room something to talk about. This was just one example, simply taking such scenarios and turning them to one’s advantage is of key importance here. Some topics to ponder over while framing an answer for these question are- hobbies, extra achievements like Olympiads, national-level sports or some other extra-curricular activities.

Another thing, that is the icing on the cake, is to be honest and answer all the questions with confidence. All that you say in an interview should come from an honest place because once you have steered the interview in the desired direction, you must know everything about it.

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