Why Career Counselling is important

Historically in India, choice of career was mostly driven by a set rule based on class Xth marks of students. The best students as per academic score of class Xth used to opt for Medical Sciences  followed by Non Medical Sciences, Commerce with Maths, Commerce without Maths and Humanities in last. So Medicine doctor, followed by engineering , then Chartered Accountancy and law was order of professional careers. Professions like Teaching, lecturers , accountants and sales was always seen as ‘losers jobs’

Thank fully, things have changed in 21st century. Now, we have great career options available even if you are  stand up comedian, or youtube video maker, app developer, coaching teachers , fashion designers , choreographers, travel consultants beyond medicine, engineering, law and chartered accountancy.

With so much options available, why not to choose a career that gives you happiness and joy along with money and position. if you can do a job that is your hobby, your life would be a joy ride.

Career counseling can bring the natural aptitude and interest of a person using psychometric test  to find that match.

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Various Kind of career tests available with us are:

Ideal career test: The most famous and generic test that can be taken by any person at any stage of life.

Stream Selection test: The ideal career test may be too soon for 15 year old kids. In India, we need to make a big decision after class xth to choose a particular stream for high school. This test helps student to find the best stream at that stage of life

Commerce Career Selector Test  : This test is for commerce students to decide which UG stream to pursue

Engineering Branch Selector : This test is to help engineering aspirants to choose right branch irrespective of their rank in entrance exams

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