Established in the year 1978 through the Presidential Decree , Cagayan State University, in Philippines is the largest state educational institution in the region.
This highly regarded, 41 years old
non-profit public higher education institution, spans around in 8 campuses with over 32000 undergraduates and 1500 postgraduates from all over the world, has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades.

Ranking of Cagayan State University, Philippines
• Country rank is 108
• World rank is 10471
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Commission on Higher Education, Philippines

Faculty of Cagayan State University, Philippines
Recognized as one of the prestigious institution that guarantees education in the field of healthcare and medicine, the university offers a wide array of courses in the following categories, liberal arts, social sciences, law, medicine and allied professions, business and economics, naturalsciences, engineering, technology, agriculture and fisheries and teaching, among others. It offers the most graduate and undergraduate courses of all the universities in the province of Cagayan.
It has 24 undergraduate programs in the arts, agriculture, natural sciences, and technology.

It has the following schools:
Graduate School
• College of Information and Computing Sciences
• College of Industrial Technology
• College of Public Administration
• College of Engineering
• College of Human Kinetics
• College of Medicine
• College of Veterinary Medicine
• College of Arts and Sciences

Location of Cagayan State University, Philippines:
The University has eight campuses spanning over three congressional districts of Cagayan; the Aparri, Lal-Lo and Gonzaga campuses in the 1st District; the Piat, Lasam and Sanchez-Mira campuses in the 2nd District; and in the 3rd District, the Andrews and Carig campuses in Tuguegarao City.

Advantages of studying in Cagayan State University, Philippines
• The campus has all the premium world class facilities, like laboratories and classrooms to equip the graduates with the necessary competencies needed to compete in the national and global arena. Other facilities include free medical and dental check-ups, Canteens and cafeterias, with meals, snacks and school supplies.
• The university renders quality education by providing meaningful learning experiences, producing well-rounded graduates ready in the workplace.
• The institution meets high academic standards and has 5 research centres for science and technology, public administration, and sport and wellness.
• The study programs focussed on practical training allows them to understand the concepts thoroughly and significantly provide practical and meaningful learning experiences to the students.
• The university has a huge extensively maintained library with latest facilities, well stocked with latest books and publications in the field of medical science.
• On top of this, it focuses on extra curricular activities and is the home of the best athletes and artists in the region, consistently sending athletes to national sports competitions and artists in national culture and the arts festivals representing the whole region. Each college/department holds intramural every year with sports as the main activity. Similarly, university-wide sports competition is conducted yearly to establish camaraderie among the eight satellites of the university.
• The institution has a team of professors and tutors, who are masters in their fields and can put to use the basis of modern techniques and new technologies of training to ensure high quality training of specialists with higher medical education.


Fee structure:

First year in India payable

Registration charge : 35,000/-
Admission charge : 50,000/-
Processing fee : 50,000/-
Documentation : 55,000/-
Visa + air ticket + pickup : 30,000/-
Total in India : Rs. 2,20,000/-( two lack twenty thousand )

University Deposit – 1,00,000 (Peso)

Tuition Fee – 650 (USD) for 1st Semester to 3rd Semester

Tuition Fee – 1,000 (USD) for 4th Semester to 11th Semester

Lodging and Fooding – Rs. 6000/Month (INR)

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