Procedure of getting a Student Visa in Canada for 2021.


Canada has the world’s best Universities. The Universities of Canada has produced well trained aluminis throughout the globe. Canada is a highly modernized country. It is a student friendly country which is comparatively less expensive than others. These features make it a perfect place for the students of any corner of the world.


But it’s needed to maintain their border. It can allow only those students who have only Good intentions for educational purposes. Nobody should misuse the country’s allowances.Thus a student visa is a required document for the international students to study in the Canadian territory.


So if you have a plan to study in Canada you must arrange a student visa for yourself. Here are some things to remember while applying for a student visa.


Acceptance letters can serve as a key document while applying for a student visa.

Some of the top Canadian universities are University of Toronto, Thompson Rivers University, University of Winnipeg, and York University. What you have to do is apply to these universities for admissions. If you get selected they will provide you an acceptance letter.


Important documents required for student visa application-


  • The original hard copy of the University’s acceptance letter.
  • Passport ( not for US residents)
  • Proof of financial health.( for throughout sustainability  at Canada while studying)
  • A letter of intent.
  • Application form of student permit.
  • Two passport size photographs with mentioned name and date of birth on their back.
  • Student permit’s payment proof.
  • For studying in Quebec, English and French translated documents are required.

Language Proficiency Proof-

Canada requires proof forEnglish-language proficiency from international students.Rebates are made for students who come from an English speaking background. Most of the Canadian universities accept IELTS(International English Language Testing System) test  scores. Also Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, or C1 Advanced.


Biometric Appointment-


The requirement of Biometric Appointment depends upon the nationality of the student. If the country to which a student belongs is not exempted, then the student has to present himself at the Visa Application Centre of their country for getting the biometric verification done. Biometric Appointment verification also charges a particular amount along with the visa application fee. Students can also ask for an interview.




Canada offers some exemptions for some of the students who belong to certain categories.

There are certain conditions when the requirement of a student visa is not that mandatory.

Following are the categories-


  • The students who are admitted to a program whose duration is of 6 months.
  • The student is either a family member or staff member of Canada’s foreign representative.
  • The student belongs to foreign armed forces under the Visiting Forces Act.
  • A student despite being a citizen of another country that has registered himself as an Indian in Canada.

So these are the basic things to be kept in a student’s mind while planning to study in Canadian Universities.

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