Study abroad: major attractions in Canada


Canada is one of the most popular and demanded nations among people who wish to go abroad for higher education. Canada provides many top universities, with student friendly atmosphere, for all international students. Even after the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, Canada is considered as the top study option for international education. The Government of the country also makes enough supports to promote the international students of Canada.  Almost all the cities of Canada are popular for higher education. It includes Vancouver, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and so on. 


Why Canadian cities get popularity?

  1. The major reason behind the popularity of Canadian universities is their capacity to handle population. In this perspective, Universities in Atlantic region are more in acceptance. These universities are capable to manage the student strengths more than a university in a city with high population. 


  1. The second major reason is the tuition fees of these universities. Most of the Atlantic Universities offer education in a student friendly budget.  The major cities have a likely higher education cost. The cost for education is basically changed according to the nature of courses and the mother country of the students. 


  1. Another important factor is the work permit given for students in the graduation period. The Canadian government allows the students to work, in the time after their classes, throughout their academic period. The permit will be issued along with their visa itself, which will assist them to manage the expenses for their education. Also, the study permit is one of the rut e for people who wish to settle down in Canada itself, after completing their studies. 


  1. The Canadian universities, along with their government also give assistance for students to find jobs after their graduation. The students will get chances for various jobs, towards the end of their academic life, through various programs. Also, through this they get chances for settling down in Canada permanently. The Canadian cities, especially developing cities provide huge opportunities for such students, every year. The Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) and Atlantic Pilot Program (AIPP) are such pathways to find permanent residency in Canada. 


  1. Along with giving job chances, the cities also give business opportunities. The developing cities in Canada, like Nova Scotia, are best places for students who dream for setting up their own business world. These cities provide immense business chances in many sectors including digital technology, Agriculture technology, and energy conservation and so on. The students can access to jobs in these newly developing cities, along with jobs in developed cities.


  1. Another important factor for the popularity of Canadian universities is their natural beauty. Most of the Atlantic Universities offer a wide variety of landscapes and sceneries. The places with ocean view, hills, and various other sceneries are common for almost all universities of Canada. Also, these sceneries are very near to the students to reach, from the campus. The reaching ways to these places are very simple and easy to access also. So the international students usually explore such places, whenever they get time in between their academic years. Even many university campuses, which spread across miles, include various landscapes which attract the international students. 

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