The Indian students from Ukraine can continue the remaining course of MBBS

The students of India, who had to discontinue their studies in MBBS courses in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, now are eligible to continue the courses in 29 countries from where they had discontinued the courses. The students can study in medical colleges of 29 countries which includes United States. This is stated by the NMC (National Medical Commission).

The 29 countries from where the Indian students can study are as follows:

  1. Poland
  2. Austria
  3. Czech Republic
  4. France
  5. Georgia
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Lithuania
  8. Moldova
  9. Slovakia
  10. Spain
  11. Uzbekistan’
  12. US
  13. Italy
  14. Belgium
  15. Egypt
  16. Belarus
  17. Latvia
  18. Kyrgyzstan
  19. Greece
  20. Romania
  21. Sweden
  22. Israel
  23. Iran
  24. Azerbaijan
  25. Bulgaria
  26. Germany
  27. Turkey
  28. Croatia
  29. Hungary

In 6th of September, the NMC has stated about the no objection for academic mobility for the programs that would ensure the Indian students pursuing MBBS. Despite continuation of courses in foreign universities, they will remain the students of the University of Ukraine. The program for academic mobility will be applied only to those medical colleges that are located in the 29 countries. The students are requested to adopt the mobility program. Once the students complete their MBBS courses, they will get the degree certificate from the University in Ukraine. This has been clarified by NMC. 

There are approximately 20,000 to 22,000 Indian students. Among those, 740 students were from Telangana who had to return. These 29 countries has relieved the Indian students regarding the continuation of their MBBS courses. 

For the last few months, many Universities of Ukraine have been in collaboration with other universities for the academic mobility programmes that could be provided to the foreign candidates.

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