Bangladesh Welcomes You for Medical Education: top colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh


Studying MBBS in abroad is a dream for many Indian students. Even though there are vast opportunities for MBBS in the Western Countries, India’s neighboring countries also give quality medical education for Indian students. Among those countries, the popularity for studying MBBS in Bangladesh is getting increased among Indian students. The main reason for this popularity is the education curriculum in Bangladesh, which is quite similar to that in India. Also, the fee structure for under graduation is low in Bangladesh when compared to other foreign nations. 


When it comes for Indian students, MBBS education in Bangladesh is cheaper and better, than studying in the private colleges within India. Most of the syllabus of the course will be similar to that offered in India. Along with that, the language medium of education is also easy for Indian students. The international students who study MBBS in Bangladesh are mostly Indians, than from other countries. Along with their graduation, the students will also get adequate time to prepare for exams like FMGE, USMLE etc.  The syllabus of medical education in Bangladesh usually includes several books of authors in India. This also helps Indian students to secure high scores. The universities of Bangladesh are quality education providers, who have high level of graduation passing rate every year, in medicine.


The following are some of the Bangladesh Universities for Medical Education:

  1. University of Dhaka
  2. Rajshahi Medical University
  3. Bangladesh University of Professionals
  4. Chittagong Medical University
  5. Sylhet Medical University


The popular colleges for Medicine in Bangladesh 

  • Colleges under Government – 
  1. Chittagong medical College
  2. Dhaka Medical College Hospital
  3. Mymensingh Medical College
  4. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College
  5. Sir Salimullah Medical College


  • Private medical colleges –
  1. Community Based Medical Colege
  2. Dhaka National Medical College
  3. Holy Family Medical College
  4. Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital
  5. Green Life Medical College
  6. Jahurul Islam Medical College
  7. Eastern Medical College
  8. Medical College for women and Hospital
  9. Kumudini Women’s Medical College
  10. Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital

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