Few points to settle down in Canada as a foreign student?

Canada is a place of top universities and beautiful places to travel. This article will help you out in guiding you about studying in Canada.

Step 1: First one should choose his or her school

One should first decide their school of study. The international students can check out the programs via virtual tour. One should get in touch with the researchers, they have a will to work with and request them to work with the students. 

The important note about Canada universities is that not all the universities provide admission to international students. The schools that are DLI (Designated Learning Institution) are permitted to entertain international students.

Step 2: One should make sure that they should qualify and get their accurate documents

The requirements for the application in a particular university:

Letter of Acceptance: This letter is got from the school where you want to study. A copy of original documents needs to be submitted.

Proof of Identity: A passport or other valid travelling document is needed for overseas travel.

No criminal record proof document: A no criminal document is required which is obtained from the police.

Proof of funds: One must have a proof about the ability to support and accompany family members when you are in Canada. 

Some of the ways to get proof of funds are as follows:

  1. One should have a Canadian bank account in their name to support.
  2. A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) obtained from a Canadian financial institutes.
  3. The statements of banks since last 4 months.
  4. Student loan proof from a bank.
  5. A bank draft in Canadian dollars.
  6. Proof of scholarships or other funding.

Proof of health: The students need to have a certificate stating that they have good health.

Letter of explanation 

Custodian Declaration- One should fill this declaration if one is bringing minor children.

Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ): If someone is going to study for more than 6 months in Quebec then they must fill up this form.

Step 3: Application for a study permit

One can apply for the study permit in online mode or through paper application. People having disabilities can apply through application in paper. After completing filling this form one should pay the processing fees and a biometric fee for the sake of fingerprinting and a photo. The application fee is $ 150 CAD.

Step 4: Setting up after reaching Canada

One should get their accommodations and find a rent. One should find a place near the campus that would be beneficial.

Find a job: International students can opt for a job for 20 hours per week. Many schools have the provision for work and learn opportunities.

Get a bank account: One should get a bank account in Canada so that one can easily pay and deposit money whenever in need. One should set an appointment with a Scotiabank branch and must bring all the documents to open an account in bank.

Step 5: One should get habituated with the community of the school

To cope up with the culture, the international students should connect with other students from different countries. Many schools have programmes which helps all the international students to integrate easily. One should get involved. Many schools have different clubs where one can join and interact with others and get all the support.

Step 6: What plans after getting the degree?

Canada provides PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit). This allows students to experience and receive potential jobs permanently. To get the eligibility for a job one should

  1. Hold a degree, certificate or diploma at DLI
  2. Must be a full time student
  3. Must possess a transcript stating that the student has fulfilled all the degree requirements.
  4. Must have a student permit within 180 days of application.

One should know all the educational as well as job opportunities while moving to a new country.

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