Why MBBS in Russia

MBBS study in Russia can be given the originator of MBBS abroad options available for Indian MBBS aspirants today. Way back in 1996, few Indian MBBS students went to Russia, came back and were succesful in India. Over a period of last 25 years, more than 10,000 doctors have returned back to India. Many have settled abroad working in various hospitals after completing their MBBS study in Europe. Medical schools for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI opened new avenues for students in India. Last year, low-cost Russia MBBS colleges attracted more than 3,500 Indian students. Medical education in Russia is famous across the globe. Also, Russian MBBS degree in India is valid due to the colleges for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI are available and they come under the top 10 medical colleges in Russia.

Some advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia:

1. Russia provides good value for money – students will be able to reap the benefits of studying here much more compared to MBBS in other foreign Countries like China, Philippines or Ukraine.
2. Universities in Russia are much older as compared to those in China, Philippines or Ukraine and are known to have been maintaining a high quality of education for a longer period of time.
3. Teachers here are thus more experienced and accustomed in handling international student issues in a much better way as compared to the others.
4. The number of students in each class in medical colleges in Russia is much lower as compared to that in Ukraine, China or Philippines, thus allowing teachers to give individualized attention to each student.

But there are some issues:
1. Weather can get extremely cold in few locations of Russia
2. In most of Russian MBBS universities, classes are held in Russian from 4th year onwards . Thus by 4th year, students should be able to grasp Russian language properly
3. The time to reach MBBS university can be high
4. The course duration is 6 years where as many Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and georgian universities are offering 5 year course.

Top MBBS Universities in Russia

1. Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University

2. Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University

3. Dagestan State medical University

Dagestan State medical University

So, looking at all factors, GKworks don’t encourage students to choose Russia as option. We represent few universites and would be able to help students to go there at their own will. But Gkworks recommendation is NO for Russia

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