Which is cheaper to study: US or Canada?

Canada and US are considered to be of the top 5 choices to study in foreign. One must know which one is cheaper. 

Canada is known as the Land of Lakes and a home for beautiful sceneries and landscapes and has historic gems. The foreign students prefer going to Canada as it is easier to find work there. 

In US there are also various places like New York, Chicago and have great parks like Yosemite and many more. good colleges are found in US and it is a very beautiful place. The student will decide where to study depending on the cost of studying the degree the student chooses. 

Application Fees:

In both US and Canada, the students have to pay fee for application when they are applying for any university there. In US, the fee for application is almost US$45 but some of the universities charges more that is US$100. On the other hand, it varies from CA$30 to CA$200. Some of the Universities do not charge any application fees according to some special conditions. 

Tuition fees

The tuition fees totally depend on the location of the university in the country. There will be difference in tuition fees depending on the location, lifestyle of the place.  The fee per year for the academic year 2019-20 highlights that the fee has been reduced to 58% less than that of universities in US. Moreover, Canada is highly generous with the financial aid as well as scholarships that are crucial for the students who are studying. 


One should also take care of their health when they are outside their home. The students must arrange for health insurance when they are either in Canada or in US. In Canada, there are many health insurance that are provincial. The cost depends according to the provider. The calculated estimate for yearly premium varies between 600 to 900 Canadian dollars. 

On the other hand, in US, international students who are under visa holders of J1 and F1 have different as well as separate insurances for health to complete the requirements. The insurance plan is estimated to be between US$500 and US$1000. 

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