Punjab Round 2 NEET Counselling 


Punjab: The BFUHS has announced the Timetable and FAQs for the  round-II of Web Counselling for admittance to the MBBS/BDS Course, semester 2021, in a recent announcement.


All interested applicants applying for admission to BFUHS’s MBBS and BDS programmes should review the following timetable and FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions:


 Question 1: Who qualifies for the second phase of counselling?


Answer 1: The applicants listed below will be eligible for the second phase of counselling:


  1. Students who’ve already completed the registration and submitted the payment.


  1. Individuals that were assigned a spot or were not assigned a spot during  1 st Round .


  1. Those who took or decided not to take the assigned seat in Round I.


  1. Students who will quit their Round-I joint seat before  28 February , 2022. (upto      03:00 PM).


  1. The individual who now occupies 1st Round seat and wishes to improve.


2 Questions: Could a NEET UG-21 applicant take part in the second phase of counselling?


Answer 2:  Candidates who choose to join in the second phase of online counselling must deposit the following security fee for submitting their interest in participating from 16 February , 2022 to February 27, 2022, and should submit new preferences.


 Question 3 : Does the tuition money paid while enrolling in the temporarily assigned college at  1st Round  be deducted from the commitment fee for 2 nd phase  participation?


Answer 3: Students who’ve already previously paid a fee comparable to the security value at  1st Round  do not need to pay the appropriate charge; otherwise, a corresponding amount is required .


Question 4: Is there a consequence if an individual does not fill out a form for an improved seats during 2nd round?


Answer 4: Once one seat has been assigned during Round II due to an upgrade or a new allocation, it is deemed definitive. If an applicant fails to join the 2nd round assigned seat, the consequence set out in the previous paragraph (Answer 2) would be applied (as applicable).


Question 5: Can a student resign their 1st phase seat if no seats are upgraded during 2nd round?


Answer 5: An individual who has a 1st phase seat but does not receive an improvement during 2nd phase will be deemed enrolled. As a result, he would be unable to give up his 1st round seat and will also be ineligible for subsequent rounds of counselling.


Question 6: Can a student who holds a Round-1st round slot but does not file an application to attend a new university on the enhanced seat awarded during 2nd round retain  his or her entitlement to the prior seat granted during 1 st round?


Answer 6: When a spot in 2nd round is upgraded, the spot in 1st round is automatically withdrawn and allocated to a person based on merit each round. As a result, no claim is made on the preceding Round-I allocation.


Question 7: Can an applicant who resigned a spot in 1st round but did not receive an improvement in 2nd round retain his or her entitlement to the prior place given in 1st round?


Answer 7: If an individual surrenders their 1st round seat, the place will be placed to the vacant list for 2nd round. As a result, even if no slot improvements are available during Phase 2, no claims may be placed on the preceding Round-I allocation.


 Question 8: Can the student give up their 2nd phase  place  and compete in the MopUp Round? 

Answer 8: An individual who holds a place in both 1st and 2nd round is regarded to be combined.


As a result, he will be unable to compete in the MopUp Round. The additional directions for MopUp Session, on the other hand, will be released later.

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