5 cheap Universities of Canada for Indians

Foreign students opt to do studies in Canada for a myriad of purposes, including the country’s welcoming policy on immigration and helpful initiatives for foreign students. As per the CBIE, the proportion of foreigners in Canada increased by 135% between 2010 and 2020.

If you’re considering enrolling in Canada, you’re fully cognizant that tuition costs and living expenses may add up quickly.

As per Statistics Canada data provided last year, the overall tuition rates for overseas undergrads students in Canada jumped 4.9 percent from the previous year to CA$33,623 for 2021-22.

In 2021-22, undergrad foreign students enrolling in commerce, managing, and public service in Canada spent a total of CA$32,460 in tuition costs. Nevertheless, in 2021-22, little more than 12% of overseas undergrads entered engineering and spent an annual tuition price of CA$37,377.

“On average, just 0.4 percent of foreign students registered in specialist degree courses, where foreign students’ annual tuition expenses are amongst the costliest of all courses, spanning from CA$38,110 of law up to CA$66,503 of veterinary science,” according to Statistics Canada.

It’s evident that tuition costs at Canadian institutions may be too expensive, and this also does not include living expenses, which includes housing, transportation, and food.


Scholarships might provide you with some room to maneuver, but they could also be quite tough. Another alternative is to seek low-cost Canadian institutions that give high-quality training without the high cost.

We’ve created a collection of 5 reasonably priced institutions in Canada for overseas students, including an estimated budget of earning an undergrad or graduate course there:

Five institutions in Canada that are cheap for overseas students

University of Prince Edward Island

UG course tuition charge: from CA$6,450 annually

Graduate course tuition charge: from CA$4,344 annually

The UPEI, founded in 1969 as the regional college, upholds its distinguished heritage via school performance and scientific development. It provides undergrad, grad, and doctorates a diverse choice of courses and diplomas.

With foreign students representing 98 countries accounting for about 30% of the institution’s students enrolled, they get the chance to learn about cultural diversity while obtaining credit for their UPEI degrees while living overseas.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

UG course tuition charge: from CA$11,460 annually

Graduate course tuition charge: from CA$6,654 annually

MUN is regarded for being one of the most affordable Canadian institutions. MUN has 7 colleges in the Art world, Training, Medical, Engineering, Commerce, Healthcare, and Sciences, as well as 6 departments in Pharmaceutical, Musical, Human Kinetics, Human Services, Recreational, and Graduate Work, making it one of Atlantic Canada’s largest universities.

Because of its low tuition prices, MUN has attracted students from all across the world. So far, 20% of its students have hailed from more than 100 nations.

University of Manitoba

UG course tuition charge: from CA$16,600 annually

Graduate course tuition charge: from CA$6,614 annually

The U of M is a public university having facilities in Fort Garry & Bannatyne that was created in 1877. Agricultural, Environmental, Rehab Sciences, Architect, Artwork, Teaching, Engineering, Fitness, Scientific knowledge, Human Services, Human Geography, Commerce, Songwriting, and Graduate Education are among the institution’s many courses.

The University of Minnesota now has more than 28,800 students registered. Whereas the majority of students are native, foreign students account for 18% of the overall students enrolled.

University of Saskatchewan

UG course tuition charge: from CA$18,394 annually

Graduate course tuition charge: from CA$8,096 annually

The USask is a leading analysis healthcare doctorate institution in Canada. USask’s University Strategy: The Institution the Earth Requires intends to collaborate across professions to develop innovative answers to the world’s most pressing problems.

Pupils at USask arrive from all over the globe and are integrated into localities across Saskatchewan, where they may choose from a range of activities ranging from basic seminars to full-fledged degree courses in different fields, according to the university portal.

Concordia University

UG course tuition charge: from CA$19,812 annually

Graduate course tuition charge: from CA$15,467 annually

Concordia University is a widespread academic institution within Montreal, Quebec’s French-speaking area that predominantly teaches in English. Concordia University is popular for its famed John Molson Business school, but they often provide Fine Arts, Art forms & Sciences, Technology & Computer Engineering, and Grad Studies courses.

With far more than 31,000 pupils of foreign ancestry, the institution’s departments strive to assist and meet the requirements of learners from many ethnicities and school standards.



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