MBBS students are confused due to multiple reviews on NEXT?

The last year students as well as teachers all over India are literally confused. The NExT  (National Exit Test) was introduced by the government in 2020 in medical education. It is mandatory to gain a license to practice. In July 2021 it was aid that this test will be held in 2023 and the NMC will conduct a mock test before to educate the students with the pattern.

However, there is no accurate notification regarding this examination. The NMC has been a substitution to Medical Council of India in 2019. The NExT exam will conduct both licensing as well as entrance exam for PG students.  In addition this will replace the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam).

The rumours of NExT Pattern

The rumours has been spread in conversations done informally as well as in Instagram posts. A post was shared by a AIIMS Delhi student that carried weightage as well as authority. The only confirmation for this exam is that it will be held in two phases- one at the last year of MBBS and the other after internship. 

The format circulating in social media says that it will be for 3 consecutive days lasting for 4 and a half hour per day. One student from West Bengal stated that posts were made and then deleted on social medias like Instagram.

AIIMS, Patna, professor, Dr. Neeraj Kumar stated that total marks which is divided into 120 and 60 per day.

A final-year student who is vice-president of Global Association of Indian Medical Students, stated that this exam will be held in 3 stages; the first stage after completion of 2nd year of MBBS, the second stage after the final year and the last prior the internship. This is according to the NMC Act of 2019. After this test the students will be awarded with the certificate of MBBS.

No Timeline: NMC

This is causing confusion to those who will pursue postgraduate in medicine. The announcement was made before 3 months when there not much time left for preparing for the exam which was absolutely new to them. The former president of the doctor’s body, Dr. JA Jayalal stated that the entire medical education is uncertain due to the non-working NMC. The timeline is not yet announced. It will take some time to get habituated with the exam even if it is accepted by the ministry of health and family welfare. 

The students had find details through RTI (Right to Information). However, an IMA officer said to start preparing for the exam even if less time is left. 

Opposition by IMA

The members of the IMA are tensed regarding the practical knowledge of a student those who cannot be evaluated via MCQs, because clinical skills of a doctor is not tested. That is why it is unplanned as well as unscientific. The NMC policy should be made first. One IMA officer stated that if any rule changes then it should be from first year and not the last year which is problematic for the students. This has lead to a big challenge for the students of medicine.

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