Italy is becoming the popular destination amongst students but what makes Italy popular? First it is very beautiful country, situated around the Mediterrian  Sea, secondly govt provides scholarship to the students on behalf of their financial background.

It is a 6 years course, after which student will become professional doctor, and other advantage of studying in Italy is that there is no need to learn any other language. All the lectures would be delivered in English language only.


For living their students are granted with 5200 Euro, so it is the choice of student how to spend this 5200 euro.

This 5200 euro includes each and everything, like their respective accommodation, food, travel etc.

The other awesome benefit is there that no need to give IELTS, but on behalf of IELTS, MOI is required.

The other benefit which students  can do is they can do part time for 20 hours / week  during weekdays  and 40 hours / week during weekends.

But what is main for MBBS in Italy is IMAT examination without which student won’t get access to the Italy universities , for IMAT  info click on the below link



Some documents are needed without which application of the student cannot be proceeded further, documents are as follows

  • Passport
  • National ID
  • Resume
  • MOI certificate
  • 12th class certificate
  • 10th class certificate
  • Letter of recommendation
  • SOP
  • Skype details
  • Study module

The major benefit of MBBS Italy is that if unfortunately  student is not able to clear the Entrance test required to get admission in Italy universities then in that case student has 2 options

  • Opting for other bachelors degree in bio field
  • Or else can go for foundation programme

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