Keeping in mind the rising number of students who want to pursue education abroad, it gets quite challenging to make the right choice. Also due to the pandemic, many financial constraints have also paved way for itself. The long-term effect of this includes wastage of nearly 25,00,000 INR, which is the average fee for an academic year.


Because of this, parents have been in great terms with the Indian Government to make changes on this issue, with negotiations with Canada, where this issue is prevalent. Given below are some of the important points that one should remember before applying abroad. 



  • Have consultations will Indian Embassies in the place of education


This will help in getting a deeper knowledge about education systems in that particular. Many experts say that counselling with the Embassies should speak to the respective Indian embassies in the country where they want to study and find out about the different education scenarios of colleges. 


This will help parents to analyse whether or not the money which is being invested, is a good or a bad decision. Embassies are well-aware about all aspects of education in the particular country. So, it is advisable to gain information through them. Legal knowledge and financial stability will also be recognized by the embassy. 



  • Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and Indian Student’s Association


Getting in touch with the AIU is a fantastic move in order to ascertain the stability of a college abroad. Students and parents can associate with the Delhi based AIU and clarify all doubts on universities abroad.  


AIU is the prime authority in India that contains all accessible information about colleges across the world. It recognized by the Government of India, which makes it a very credible organization


Students can also get in touch with student unions in the state. These are communities which are self-formed by Indian students who are studying abroad. Any doubts can be clarified and one can be rest assured that the answers will be right.



  • Look for colleges which have a good rank


Students should aspire to get into top institutes in the case of studying abroad. One must be aware that if the college doesn’t stand in the list of ranking, it poses a huge risk to one’s career.  Ranking is very important as it proves to be reliable and worthy in all cases. It will also give great results at the time of job seeking because job providers give high preference to students from top-ranked colleges



  • Go for the right type of counselling 


Third party agents have been the cause for many education-related mishaps. The gap between education counsellors and agents is something that is not yet bridged. Most agents give counselling just for the purpose of gaining money, which can take the wrong turn. But an education counsellor who works for an organization takes the money and gives the worthy results. 


The above four ideas will most likely give you the credible sources to make the right decision. Studying abroad is your choice, so make sure you think practically before falling into any decision as a whole. 


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