Data has proved that Perth in Australia is famous amongst Indians, as 125000 international students are learning in Perth (Indians+ other international students).

Due to various reasons many students prefer Australia for studying abroad and now research have also proved that many students prefer Australia over any other country, and basically Perth. If we see Perth is in the top 10 countries / places where students love going. Other name of Perth is Australia’s education city, and also quality of life and living standard is up to mark there. It is observed that every year around 45,000 international students take admission in Perth. The resources which are found here can’t be matched by other countries or places and besides this Perth has various opportunities available for the students this is the main reason why international students love studying here. Famous universities in Perth are as follows:

  • The University of Western Australia (UWA)
  • Curtin University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Murdoch University

So according to the respective interests students can enroll in any of the above universities and can fly high in their career. The counselors, studying environment, practical approach etc adds value to the Perth and attracts the international students to study in Perth.  Besides education students can explore other things such as communities, extracurricular clubs which will make students 100% market friendly.


As Perth provides many facilities such as discount of 40% on the usage of public transport and students do not have to spend much money as various living options are available from basic to luxury.  Availability of cosmopolitan environment where students can relax in very minimum cost, also safety matters a lot so here students, parents do not have to worry about safety of their ward.

14 top renowned energy companies are located in Perth which will help the students  who all are living in nearby areas or in Perth itself, and with this student can work part time there and can meet their expenses by their own, but the maximum time for working part time is 20hrs/week and then student can earn upto AUD$20.50 per hour also students have various available options  for working such as administration, retail, hospitality and tourism with this students can get chance to work in top leading sectors such as  banking, engineering, logistics and supply chain. Some of the top companies which are recruiting actively are British Petroleum (BP), Shell, Coles, Tidewater and BHP

Why students prefer studying in Abroad?

If we compare the last 20 years data with recent data, we will find abroad applications have increased as in abroad specific knowledge is gained by the students as well as they get the abroad degree which will help the students to stand in this competitive world, and will make them a better professional.  So if compare all the factors Perth fits in all the columns and hence the best decision to study internationally.

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