Australia welcomes thousands of international students every year, and these students can choose from several different options when deciding where to live, there are plenty of alternatives if you have the resources to know where to look. Here, we’ll run through the options to avoid any confusion prior to your arrival.
On-campus housing
Nearly all major universities and colleges offer halls of residence, mainly catering to international students. Whilst this option will likely be more expensive than off-campus living (costing around AU$80-250 (~US$60-185) per week), students are provided with a wide range of services including: meals, cleaning, sporting and laundry facilities, and fully-furnished rooms.
Off-campus rental property
With the majority of students in Australia living off campus, this is a common option which will give you more options and freedom. Although this might be an intimidating choice it is by far the most widespread option for both international and local students. Depending on the area and city, you will be paying around AU$80-200 (~US$60-150) per week, usually unfurnished.
Homestay with an Aussie family
The process of a homestay involves an international student living with an Australian family in their household for the duration of their studies. This option allows you to fully integrate into the Aussie lifestyle, while meals usually being provided in the average weekly cost of AU$110-270 (~US$80-200).
Get free accommodation as an au pair
If you have child-care experience, working as an au pair(also known as a nanny) may be a good option for you. With many families looking for child care services in return for accommodation and food, this may work out for you if the hours coincide with your class schedule. For more detail on staying, settling in Australia visit
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