America Most expensive places



  • Boston, Massachusetts


At $2,250 on average, a studio in Boston is nearly as pricey as one in New York. But given that this only accounts for 30.8% of gross revenue, I guess folks there make more money.



  • New Orleans, Louisiana


In terms of cost of living, New Orleans is third most costly for singles. The typical cost of a studio is $1,269. This works out to be 32.82 percent of the average person’s net monthly salary.



  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


You might anticipate to spend roughly 28.4 percent of your monthly income on a studio that costs about $1,235 if your income is average for the city ($52,176).



  • Los Angeles, California


Based about where you reside, Los Angeles is still quite pricey. Spending $1,550, or around 25.75 percent of a $72,241 annual income, is to be anticipated.



  • San Diego, California


San Diego is also expensive, with studios costing about $1,750, or 26.87 percent of the average single earner’s earnings.



  • Long Beach, California


Long Beach studio cost $1,395, or roughly 25.46 percent of someone making about $65,739 in annual salary.



  • Chicago, Illinois


A monthly rent of $1,350, or 23.58 percent of the average income, is the median rent.



  • San Francisco, California


Therefore, the average monthly rent for a studio in San Francisco is roughly $2,470. However, though people frequently earn a lot of money in the city. The average income for a single individual is $132,019, so the $2,470 rent is only 22.45% of the typical income.



  • Seattle, Washington


Seattle rents are steadily rising and that the median cost of a studio apartment is somewhat high at $1,395, individuals there often earn a lot of money. Rent accounts for only 18.67% of the typical single person’s $89,644 annual salary.



  • San Jose, California


San Jose’s average annual household income is $95,676, however just 21.64 percent of that amount is spent on rent for a $1,725 studio apartment.



  • Oakland, California


Studios are $1,700, or 24.13 percent of the typical income of a single person.