Landmark agreement between the United Kingdom and India to boosts UK universities


UK universities were boosted by a ‘landmark’ agreement with India to recognize qualifications.


The United Kingdom and India reached an agreement today [21 July] to recognize each other’s higher education degrees.


The United Kingdom and India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to legally recognize each other’s higher education degrees.


The deal is anticipated to lure more overseas students of the university to the UK, each of whom is worth over £100,000 to the economy, according to industry estimates.


The agreement is one of three inked today that implement provisions of the Prime Minister’s agreed-upon UK-India Enhanced Trade Partnership from last year.


The United Kingdom and India reached an agreement today (Thursday, July 21) to recognize each other’s higher education degrees, which British universities applauded.


The Memorandum of Understanding, signed as part of the UK-India Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) last year by Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi, implies that A-levels and their equivalents, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, will now be recognised in India. When Indian students graduate from British institutions, they will be able to apply for postgrad credentials or enter government jobs that need university diplomas when they return home.


The UK and India already are key destinations for each other’s students: the UK accepted 84,555 Indian students in 2020/2021, while India is a popular place for UK students studying abroad under the Turing Scheme global education programme.


The deal will make UK institutions even more desirable to Indian candidates since the economic advantage of hosting non-EU students is projected by industry to be over £109,000 per individual.


It will also expand the possibility of UK nationals studying in India, giving them additional options and widening their intellectual and academic experiences, as well as allowing institutions to develop programs that can be taught in both countries.


Anne-Marie Trevelyan, International Trade Secretary, stated:


UK institutions already enjoy a tremendous reputation across the world.

It is a matter of great pride to deliver on our pledge to remove trade obstacles between our two countries making UK higher education more accessible and enticing to Indian students.


James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Education, stated:


Universities in the United Kingdom are properly the envy of the world, as well as studying abroad is one of our most valuable exports.


This deal strengthens our UK-India cooperation by removing obstacles to allow even more of India’s finest and brightest students to study here, strengthening UK’s economy and enhancing our institutions and communities.


It expands chances for UK children to prepare in India and allows our world-class institutions to offer additional degree programmes in one of the world’s greatest and most dynamic countries.


The agreement is one of three inked today to execute the ETP, which outlines a series of promises to open up new markets for British enterprises trading to India and conversely.


Commerce between both the UK and India is currently worth more than £24 billion, and our investment partnership supports over 500,000 jobs. Since 2017, the UK government has obtained increased market access to India, which firms predict will result in an additional £92 million in UK exports of liquor, wheat, pork products, and other goods per year. By 2050, India is expected to have the world’s third-largest economy.


The two sides also signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to implement ETP commitments to form a response team to just provide prospects for Indian nurses and healthcare accomplices desiring to train and work in the NHS, as well as to renew a commitment to bilateral agreements of the Seafarers’ Certificate of Competency.


University UK International (UUKi) Chief Executive Vivienne Stern MBE said:


This is a historic accord that has been in the works for many years. Students’ qualifications will be acknowledged on both ends, making it much easier for them to advance in education and find work.


The acceptance of UK Masters is a particularly significant milestone. It implies that Indian students of the UK’s top colleges will obtain formal acknowledgment for their achievements as well as complete employment in India’s public sector.


Barbara Wickham OBE, Director of the British Council in India, stated:


The agreement on the reciprocal acknowledgment of academic qualifications marks a watershed point in the India-UK education partnership, benefiting millions of young people and brilliant students in both countries.


The agreement will foster even greater collaboration across our higher education sectors, cultivate internationally prepared individuals through an increasingly internationalized education, and expand cooperative education, research, and innovation projects to discover answers to shared global concerns.


UK is especially happy that the deal has been concluded during our continuing India/UK Together Season of Culture, a historic event commemorating India’s 75th anniversary and celebrating the longstanding ties between India and the UK.


Editors’ Notes


In May 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Modi unveiled the 2030 Roadmap for India-UK Future Relations. This included initiating an Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP), including includes our intention to negotiate a full Free Trade Agreement.

The Memorandums of Understanding may be found on


Memorandum of Understanding relating to the acknowledgment of training and certification of seafarers for duty aboard the United Kingdom and Red Ensign Group flagged vessels.


Framework Agreement for Collaboration on Health Care Workforce between the Governments of India and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of India and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland regarding reciprocal recognition of academic credentials.

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