Classes 8 and 9 are the building blocks to the foundation of classes 10 and 12. Hence keeping your calm and cool, paying attention and having high span of concentration becomes important for continued success. Thus, given below are tips on how to improve your concentration span for better and increased performance-



Music livens up both the soul and the body. It lifts our spirits and boosts motivation. Listening to songs while solving physics or maths in the background may help one increase their performance scale. Music has shown positive results on students’ focus as long as it is heard on a decent volume and does not interfere with the learning process.



Listening to motivational speeches provided by TEDx talkers do tend to reinforce the confidence in a student. They think and start believing that if the Ted talkers can, they can as well. But, knowing is not enough, we must apply in real life as well. Listening and then proposing those ideas in one’s life will help them move forward in life.


The greatest distraction in a student’s life is most probably their smartphones and electric devices. They tend to sit with their gadgets for hours on length, watching videos, surfing the net and not performing any productive activity. Hence, it is advisable that when studying, the phone should be kept at bay so that there are no distractions. Always remember, as a student, nothing is more important than your career. Removing such obstacles will enhance their path to a successful career.



One of the most ancient methods of improving concentration has been the traditional methods of yoga and meditation. It calms our minds down, and helps us focus better. Doing basic yoga for 15- 20 mins according to your desired timings will definitely show positive results in future. Meditating daily 30 minutes keeps your mind on an elevated state without any worries, in peace which will help you take proper decisions and perform better.

Exercise includes all forms of physical activity and work. Doing exercise releases endorphins and dopamine which rejuvenate the mind in a positive spirit and hence increases the concentration of an individual. Regular walking, running, cycling etc energizes and sharpens the mind, body and spirit.


It is always advisable to indulge in your hobbies in your free time and not spend it uselessly over your smartphone. One should always keep a balance between their hobbies and their studies which will lead to a perfect overall development of the student.

All these fine methods if followed and practised properly, will lead to better concentration and better performance by the students.

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