Since the demands for education have been seeing an all-time high, Contentholic, India’s leading SOP Writing Agency reportedly stated that the team is receiving nearly 20 cases every day related to Canada Visa. They also said that students who were earlier rejected are now looking to prepare a strong visa LOE (Letter of Explanation or Justification Letter)


Canada, which is one of most sought-after education destinations, the number of applicants is rapidly increasing when compared to that of the last 2 decades. Keeping in mind the restrictions laid down by Covid-19, the lockdowns and travel restrictions have been a huge cause of concern for the visa application processing, as candidates used the online medium to apply without any physical procedures. Currently, more than those who have got AIP, there are many who are seeking for Canadian Study Permit. This is inclusive of those who got rejected earlier as well. 


Contentholic also mentioned that September 2021 saw so many rejections for visas. This SOP writing agency worked on more than 20 applications each day including those who were rejected. Many agencies have put the blame on IRCC for the higher rate of rejections, inspite of a good applicant’s profile. It was mostly on the basis of strong SOP writing. 


Sometimes, candidates copy from the internet and save time while typing their SOP. But this is the major factor of rejection as plagiarism is not acceptable in SOP writing. But some of the applicants take it for granted and showcase a poor profile. The main points that they miss out are intent of abroad study, future plans, clarity, and other personal details. However, these are not available on the web, hence rejection occurs.  One can also include notable work from your previous studies or work and internship experience. 


At present, the rejection rate of the Canadian Study Permit is about 60%. Owing to the pandemic, the visa industry got very slow and was a time-consuming process. It is advisable that those students who received their letter of acceptance should immediately apply for their study visa permit to get a faster approval. 

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