Availability of online IELTS in selected countries

The IELTS is the most trustworthy English language test across the world that can be taken at home in selected territories and countries. This exam is convenient for people who are looking for a scope to know their English language ability. This exam is accepted by organisations across the world. 

Moreover, IELTS online has the similar timing to that of IELTS Academic tests that are taken in centres either on paper or a computer based test. The candidates can find the option to take the test. The IELTS partners are obligated to give choices to the takers.

The IELTS Online conducts the exam on English proficiency on four important skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The speaking skill is conducted by sitting face to face with the examiner of IELTS through a live video call.

Moreover, IELTS Online focuses on human conversation, test takers empowerment to express the true ability to interact with people. The IELTS Online is conducting one session each week in selected countries. The number of sessions will increase as days go by.

Know about IELTS Online

IELTS Online is similar to that of IELTS Academic test that possesses similar contents and characteristics as IELTS on paper as well as computer based in a test centre. Moreover, this is suitable for purposes in academics.

Assuring security

This is protected by different multi step security during as well as after the test. At the test time, a combined human as well as artificial intelligence (AI) invigilate and is conducted by IELTS. This allows one to check the identities of those taking exam.

IELTS Online results can be obtained within 3 to 6 days

The takers of the test receive results within 3 to 6 days after taking the examination. Moreover, this test is examined by IELTS examiners.

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