On seeing the hundreds of people rushing abroad for getting medical degrees, the question of whether India’s medicine course is effective or not arises. The NEET has been a challenging hurdle for many as it shattered so many dreams. 


Sources prove that Karnataka has the highest number of medical seats in India. Inspite of this number, it is still very hard for an aspirant to get a seat in the state. Averages also prove that there are only 5 seats for 100 medical students in Karnataka. While Telangana and Assam follow the list. 


Other places like Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra also looking to bridge the gap of this NEET mishap. Maharashtra follows Karnataka as the second largest seat provider for NEET aspirants. Tamil Nadu is at the third position with nearly 8,000 seats and Uttar Pradesh at nearly 7,500 seats at fourth position. Many experts and professors also stated that how eligible candidates are being deprived of seats owing to quota and other seating systems. 


The former CM of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy, stated that NEET is completely unacceptable. Many students are losing their lives just for the sake of the examination.  He also made many statements about how only the rich is benefitting from NEET and the economically backwards are not having access to any good education. 

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