After MBBS, Ayurveda is the second most popular option


According to admission data, Ayurveda seats in Maharashtra have increased by about 30% in the last four years, with only a few of them remaining unfilled. For NEET-UG aspirants MBBS is still the most popular choice and bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine (BAMS) degree as the second for past few years. Demand for homoeopathy (BHMS) has also increased.

Many students are also attracted to Ayurveda because they realise there are little adverse effects and there are several lifestyle disorders for which modern medicine has no remedy.  Students can now practise Ayurveda while also learning about Modern medicine, which has expanded their opportunities. Clinical experience is also provided to these students beginning in their 2nd year.

The state government has permitted homoeopathy doctors to enrol in medical colleges to do a bridging curriculum in modern pharmacology for the past few years. Initially, the one-year bridge course was solely available at government medical schools, but demand prompted the state to allow it at a few private schools as well.

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