PTE writing section tips and tricks

PTE Writing is one section in PTE which seems difficult but with proper understanding of some tricks and the software which will be processing this section, you can nail it with minimal practice. But before that all you need to understand is that there are two tasks in this section:

Summarize written text and Essay writing.
What many people don’t know is that the software evaluating the essay is not made to understand the nuance of the argument. It uses a technique called LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis) to understand the meaning of the words. If you understand how LSA works, it becomes very easy to get a high score in Essay. Of course, you need to improve your English and there is no doubt about it. But, if you know that the important points or the so called specific points in the essay do matter, your way of approaching the problem will be different.
Essay is all about writing for a purpose (to learn, to inform, to persuade). Here you need to practice supporting an opinion with details, examples and explanations by organizing sentences and paragraphs in a logical way. Writing an essay has always been a difficult task for students. Especially those who do not come from English background. In PTE, there are 1 to 2 essays and one gets 20 minutes for each. One needs to type as it is an online exam so here typing speed also plays an important part. The essay is written within a word limit of 200 to 300 words.
Developing complex ideas within a complete essay is not that easy. Using words and phrases appropriate to the context you need to deliver the topics essence spot on!

When it comes to writing a summary:
You need to practice writing under timed conditions, taking notes while reading a text. A part of this is synthesizing information and writing to meet strict length requirements.

Communicating the main points of a reading passage in writing by using words and phrases appropriate to the context. Also using correct grammar is basic which you have to cover at any cost. While solving the summary portion in the writing section, make sure you organize your thoughts well and. The sentences in the summary should have a link with each other clearly presenting your thought process. Before you start writing the examination, always read the instructions given in the question paper and follow them word by word to score well. Most important part of scoring well in this section is practice, practice and practice! There is no substitute for that. Best of luck for your PTE test.

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