Established in 1912, Wenzhou Medical University is a highly regarded public higher education and research institution university under the leadership of Zhejiang Provincial Government. This non-profit public higher education institution, with selective admission policy has a student population comprising of 19314 undergraduates and 3102
Postgraduates, from different countries all over the world.

Ranking of Wenzhou Medical University
• Country rank is 219
• World rank is 1639
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Department of Education
• Fully recognized by Medical Council Of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO)

Location of Wenzhou Medical University
The University has three campuses, which are located at
• Chashan (Main campus)
• Xueyuan Road
• Dongtou District (Binhai Campus)
Situated along the coast in south eastern Zhejiang Province, the city is the economic, cultural, and communications centre and an important trading port, making it well connected and accessible to transportation, with all basic amenities well within the reach.

Faculty of Wenzhou Medical University
The University has 15 schools with over 10000 scientific and staff members, including 1000 academic staff working with this University. The Wenzhou Medical University has the following faculties:

• School of Stomatology
• School of Basic Medical Sciences
• School of the 1st Clinical Medical Sciences,School of Information and Engineering
• School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences
• School of Ophthalmology & Optometry,School of Biomedical Engineering
• School of Laboratory Science and Life Science
• School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
• School of Nursing
• School of Public Health & Management
• School of Marxism
• School of Sports Science
• School of Foreign Language Studies
• School of International Studies
• School of Mental Health
• School of innovation & Entrepreneurship Education

Advantages of studying in Wenzhou Medical University
• The University offers high quality education at world standards and other facilities made available at affordable tuition fees and living expenses.
• The University is affiliated with various government hospitals, hands-on clinical and practical training for students during their course.
• The University has considerable international ties and other relationships with organizations and other universities which ensures enough opportunities for the students in areas of science, business, culture and arts.
• The University has solid international connections and collaborations and conducts academic and academic exchange programs. It also launches and arranges international events and study abroad opportunities. This provides exposure for students.
• Apart from academics, the university has students’ associations and organizes culture festivals, sports culture festivals and other activities.
• It has partnerships and ties with more than 80 universities and institutions around the globe and organizes student exchanges, joint education programs, joint research, etc.
• The University has outsanding international facilities and research centres which help the students in gaining more knowledge, experience and provides exposure for students.
• The University offers accommodation facilities for the students in fully furnished hostels, within the university campus, with all standard facilities, like air conditioner, attached bathroom, TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, free hot “drinking” water, water dispender, heater, refrigerator, public laundry and kitchen, internet access.


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