CEE Kerala :  2nd Phase Allotment Plan


The second part of the MBBS/BDS allocation plan has already been issued. The CEE confirmed this in a signed notice.


The allotment’s comprehensive timetable


  1. The deadline for website choice verification and re-arrangement/deletion is 11th Mar, 2022, at 10 a.m.


  1. 2nd Allocation will be published on 14 Mar, 2022.


  1. Those who obtain an allocation must pay the payment charge (if needed) payable to Commissioner of Entrance Examinations  via digital payments or in person at any of Kerala’s main post offices between 15th Mar , 2022, 4:00 pm to 19th Mar, 2022, 2 pm.


  1. Present to the campus officials to attend the designated MBBS/BDS university on Mar 16.


  1. On 19th Mar, 2022, at 3 pm, every institution officials must accept and publish the list of accepted applicants using the online enrollment control system .


On 8 Mar, 2022, the act relating to the second round of allocation to MBBS/BDS degrees for State Reserved Slots accessible in Govt and Self-funded Colleges started: As a result, applicants who are accepted to AIQ slots are unable to join in this round of the process.


Individuals who would like their MBBS/BDS higher cognitive choices to be included in the phase two of allocation. They must enter into the account and verify the choices by hitting the Verify icon on the main website. Students can modify their greater selections/ remove undesired alternatives, courses/colleges once they approve the choices. The deadline for option submissions is 11 Mar , 2022, at 10 a.m. Students must visit www.cee.kerala.gov.in to apply.

To be included in the second round allocation, individuals who’ve already received admittance and those who have not received any allocation according to the first round allocation must verify their options online. Those that do not finalize chosen selections after the first part of admissions, although, will remain in the first part. Applicants must submit an application.


Consider your alternatives cautiously. Students are certain to enrol in and stay inside the classes or institutions to which they have been assigned a slot.


The second stage of MBBS/BDS allocation would be released on www.cee.kerala.gov.in according to the alternatives submitted. Applicants who obtain an allocation during this round must obtain their allocation letter and pay the payment fee (if needed). On the web, you may find a list of postal offices that accept fee payments. Individuals should enroll in the course/college of their choice after paying the tuition/balance charge .


Individuals may get complete fees for MBBS/BDS programmes in several colleges on the internet. Within the context of  self-funded colleges, the fee structure is applicable to commands from the Payment Regulation Council, the Govt, the Honorable High Court, or the Honorable Chief Justice.

Applicant must be aware that the Fees Regulation Council sets the fees for BCM College.


for this session  will be preliminary and pursuant to the formal article’s ultimate decision. The university  In giving invoices to applicants for payments made, officials must be clear.


Individuals who are awarded spots in self-funded colleges for MBBS must spend Rs 3 00,000, while those who are awarded spots under NRI category  need to pay Rupees five lakhs. The entrance exams payments must be made to the CEE .  Individuals who are offered a place in the BDS department,  must pay the CEE a fee of Lakh.


Individuals who are offered spots in govt colleges for MBBS and BDS degrees must deposit the whole amount to the CEE. Applicants assigned to the SC/ST/OEC section, and those from Sreechitra Home, Juvenile Home, and Nirbhaya Home, must pay Rs 1000 as a credential payment to the CEE. Assume, though, that such individuals be offered places at self-funded medical or dentistry institutions under the minority/NRI criteria. Within this scenario, they must pay the above-mentioned token charge and will not be entitled for any rate of duty.

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