5 Most expensive cities are located in Canada or United States

The study compared the average prices of eight typical expenses in the ten most populous cities in Canada and the United States, including monthly rent, bottled water, and eating out. s major American cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, according to a study conducted by insurance company Policy Advisor. 

 The study compared the average cost of eight common costs, including monthly rent, bottled water, and eating out, in the 10 most populous cities in Canada and the United States. The cost of a cappuccino, movie tickets, one-month gym membership, one-way tickets, and the one-month pass were also analyzed.  

 To determine which city is the cheapest and which is the least affordable, we calculated the total cost of the item as a percentage of your average monthly income. The data is in US dollars. In terms of living expenses for salaries, Mississauga was considered Canada’s most affordable city and the second most expensive metropolitan area in both Canada and the United States. New York City occupies the top spot.  

 Mississauga had some of the most expensive transit options. The monthly pass costs $ 111.32, the third-highest after New York City and Toronto, and the one-way fare of $ 2.89 was the most expensive in the metro. 

 At $ 1,626.77 per month, Mississauga had the third-highest rent in Canada after Toronto and Vancouver.  But it was low wages that didn’t make the city affordable. The average monthly income is $ 3,202.30, and the above eight items account for 56.4% of the monthly salary of the inhabitants. 

 “This data contains some amazing discoveries,” said a Policy Advisor spokeswoman. 

 “Some major cities in North America may seem cheap to live in, but given the average salary in the region, it’s not so clear.” 


 With a low salary, Vancouver came in third on the list. Residents earn an average of $ 3,804.53 a month, with the Living Expense Index accounting for 50% of that.  Hamilton was ranked 4th because of high transportation costs, high rents, and low salaries. Studies show that the average Hamiltonian spends 47% of his monthly income on the total cost of eight items. 

  Toronto concludes in the top five, with 46.7% of the average resident’s monthly income devoted to living expenses. 

 Ottawa had the most expensive meal in Canada at $ 19.30, while Edmonton’s Capuccino was the most expensive at $ 3.96 and bottled water was $ 1.80. 

 The $ 62.76 required for Calgary’s monthly gym membership was the highest in the country. The city was tied to Vancouver with the most expensive cinema seats: $ 12.30. Vancouver’s average monthly rent was $ 1,731.50, the highest in Canada. 

  The highest monthly salary is Brampton ($ 4,413.22) and the lowest is  Winnipeg ($ 2,328.36).


  1. New York City (57.6% of gross monthly income is spent on living expenses):
  2. The city of New York (57.6 percent of monthly income spent on the cost of living)


Mississauga, Ontario (56.4 percent )


Three. Vancouver (50 percent )


four. Hamilton (47 percent )


Toronto is number five (46.7 percent )


Sixth. Los Angeles (46.6 percent )


San Diego is number seven (45.7 percent )


Chicago, Illinois (44.6 percent )


  1. Ottawa (44 percent )


ten. Montreal (43.5 percent )


Winnipeg is number eleven (40.8 percent )


Philadelphia is number twelve (40.6 percent )


Phoenix (13th) (39.5 percent )


14th, San Jose (32.9 percent )


Brampton, Ontario (30.9 percent )


  1. Dallas (30.7 percent )


San Antonio is number seventeen (29.9 percent )


Houston, Texas (29.8 percent )


Edmonton (19th) (29.6 percent )


Calgary is number twenty (29.3 percent )

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