Kokshetau State University

Kokshetau State University lays great emphasis on scientific research over anything else. The teachers at Kokshetau State University are highly qualified, experienced and adept at dealing with students from different countries. Besides having a great teaching Kokshetau State University also invites various eminent foreign medical professors for lectures for the students. The curriculum at Kokshetau State University is recognized by the World Health Organization.

MBBS at Kokshetau State University

­­Kokshetau State University is recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization. The MBBS course at ­­­­­­­­­Kokshetau State University is of five years. The medium of instruction for all foreign students at ­­Kokshetau State University is English. The duration of internship at ­­Kokshetau State University is one year.

Ranking of Kokshetau State University

­­Kokshetau State University has been ranked as follows:
Globally: 9282
Nationally: 49

Location of Kokshetau State University

­­Kokshetau State University is located in Kokshetau. The people of Kokshetau are helpful towards the newbies who come to the city for the first time and are not familiar with the new surroundings. Some of the tourist favorite places in Kokshetau are Lake Kopa for its beach and natural beauty, Muzey Istorii Goroda Kokshetau and Muzey Malika Gabdulina.

Admission process for MBBS course in

In order to take admission in­­ Kokshetau State University a student must have qualified the NEET exam. The students with a score of at least 60 % marks are eligible to study in ­­Kokshetau State University. The subjects requisite to pursue MBBS at ­­­­­Kokshetau State University are Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

The documents required to take admission in ­­Kokshetau State University are:
1. Health Certificate.
2. Photocopy of valid passport.
3. Passport sized photo.
4. High school academic transcript.
5. High school graduate certificate.
6. English proficiency test certificate.

Visa for MBBS course at Kokshetau State University

The documents required to obtain a visa to take admission in ­­Kokshetau State University are:

  • Valid Passport.
    • Visa Application.
    • Passport-size photos.
    • Letter of Request.
    • Letter from the Kokshetau State University.
    • Consular fees.
    • Copy of passport’s main page

Salient features about MBBS course at Kokshetau State University

A student has the following advantages of studying at­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­Kokshetau State University:

  1. The cost of living in Kokshetau in Kazakhstan is easily affordable.
    2. All students are provided accommodation at ­­Kokshetau State University.
    3. Indian students can easily find Indian food at all places in Kokshetau.
    4. ­­Kokshetau State University is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
    5. ­­Kokshetau State University conducts no extra entrance exam, neither medical nor language, to admit students.
    6. ­­Kokshetau State University provides a healthy environment for interaction among students of all nationalities, which leads to exposure to various cultures.
    7. ­­Kokshetau State University has various international cooperation programs. 8. Kokshetau State University has been consistently been on the list of top 50 colleges in Kazakhstan.

Fee Structure for MBBS program at ­­Kokshetau State University

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